Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bow Ties

Since i am totally new to the world of blogging i haven't work out how to schedule a post. That was until i used the trusty internet to help point out that the button was right in front of my eyes! I am also buzzing with happiness because i already have 21 followers. You probably think that is very little and i know it is but considering i only started this blog on 16th February! 
As you can see this post is going to be about bow ties. I have found one bow tie for wearing around your neck, three for your hair and two necklaces. In a post before i was wearing a home-made hair bow around my hair bun and i am going to do a tutorial soon. 

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/
A lot of the items in my latest posts have included a lot of items from Etsy, this is because you can find anything on there including vintage items. I also get a sense of joy when i order something from Etsy because i am helping a small business. I have been into American Apparel twice in the last two days, i feel like to prices are way too high for what they are. I fell in love with a watermelon printed cami made out of chiffon but the price was a massive £26.00!
The image is very fuzzy but you can just make out that the bow has tiny stripes on it. I think this would look great with a loose chiffon shirt, bandeau and high waisted denim shorts. Number 2, 4 and 5 are all hair pins from Etsy. Hair bows can be used to make a ponytail more interesting or to tie back a fringe. I think Galaxy print is a big risk for some people and if you are not sure if it suits you then it is probably good to start off with a small bit of the print maybe in a bracelet or a hair bow to see if it works.
Number 3 is from Tatty Devine which is one of my favourite places for statement jewellery. Tatty Devine and Urban outfitters are the same in the fact that they are both hit and miss shops. Sometimes i find things that really suit me but sometimes i don't and sometimes i find something that is a good deal but sometimes i don't.
I hope you enjoyed this and please tell me what you think and what posts i should do.

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  1. Love the orange stripped on, so cute!
    .Georgina Clare.


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