Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OOTD Floral Skirt and Frilly Socks

 Hello there,
Since London weather is completely unreliable i have to vary my style nearly every day, sometimes i can get away with shorts and a vest but other days it has to be jeans and an umbrella. This outfit is very versitile because i can just wip off the tights and wear the socks and i can take off the jumper and and just wear the vest underneath. 
Sorry for the quality of the pictures i had to take them on my Mac because i can't work out how to set a picture timer on my camera!

I love this skirt so much because it is such thin material, so it is perfect for summer. I also wear this in autumn with think tights and an oversized knit. I brought it in Paris 2 years ago and i love that it is a floral print but from a distance it looks like a splurge or beautiful colours. I don't wear much brown but i really like the brown on this skirt because it has a little tint of grey to it. 

This jumper is nice and baggy so it doesn't feel too tight and isn't too warm. I brought it from h&m last Autumn/Winter. I think it looks really feminine but edgy over the skirt.

I think the chain goes really well and makes the colour of the jumper stand out more. And it pops out of the outfit because the rest of the outfit is so girly.  This necklace has basically been worn every day since i got it from Dorothy Perkins 2 weeks ago. 
The socks are perfect for this outfit because they are bring barbie pink and white which are the exact colour of the outfit. It also gives a girly school girl look and were a complete bargain at £1.50 from Primark. 

Toodles Poodles

Monday, 24 June 2013

Weekly Wishies #3

I would love to have someone write a guest post for my blog. Please drop me a email or leave me a comment and we can sort something out. 

Who doesn't want a sweet slogan tee? And one that puts a strong message across AND is totally adorable and comical. I love Gemma Correll's designs and i always end up buying one of her cards every time i go to Paperchase. Finally this top is on sale and is a reasonable price. the pug is so cute on this and the font of the writing is really girly. I would wear this with a pair of washed jeans and a biker jacket. 

This shirt is so feminine and perfect for autumn and spring (and England's summers...). I love thin material shirts but they are too over priced for what they are. I still like £25 is a bit pricy for a plain polka dot shirt but i love the colour. Mint has been a big trend in spring but now that it's summer, mint is getting more greener and not so pastel. What do you think about the 'new' mint?

I have been looking for a new watch for ages and i think i have finally found the one. I am very picky when it comes to watches but mint matches most of my wardrobe so i think this would fit in nicely! The gold really accents the mint and adds more of a bolder look to it. 

Doesn't everyone need a perfect denim skirt? I think i have found the perfect one for me. I love this denim skirt because it isn't tight fitting and it is the perfect length. I love that it is like a little circle skirt and it's very blue and looks a tad vintage. You can literally wear denim with everything. 

This bed t-shirt is perfect for me because i spend most of my weekends in my p.j's and i think i could easily get away with answering the door in this without looking like i have just woken up and enough answering the door in my onesie! I would even wear this with leggings on a calm day when i just need to pop to the shop. People would be like "Is she rocking a nighty?"

This bright, summer palette is perfect for me because i love every single one of the colours inside and they are all colours that would match my clothes. I'm not very good at eyeshadows so this would be a good chance for me to learn but i am willing to just for this palette. There is a wide mixture of matte, shimmer and pearl so i would have a large range. I am even tempted to learn to do blush just for the blush set from this collection!

Toodles Poodles

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Little Haul and NOTD

Finally i have got around to this post! I have so many posts just waiting to be finished or written and i am slowly getting around to them all. This haul has been brought in the last fortnight. 
Just to mention (if you don't know already) Topshop have a sale on and everything is selling fast so get on down to your local Topshop!
 I completely love t-shirts but i don't like the traditional shape. I love this top because it is basically a t-shirt with a feminine touch. I love the writing on it because it is completely random and i like that the letters are thin. The colour is perfect and will match anything. So far i have worn this top with shorts, jeans, leggings and a skirt.

 The label is so cute! It's a little mug with a lipstick mark on it (i think we can all relate to that).

 Bit on the pricey side but has been the only t-shirt i have seen and liked in a very long time.

 The bottom of the top is cut so it gives more of a edgy feel.

 I don't know why this made me so excited but i was so happy to see the label put on with a safety pin instead of those annoying tags.

 I couldn't not show you a picture of this!

I have wanted a chain for ages because i wear a lot of collars and have now started to wear more t-shirts. I find the Topshop chains too heavy and too expensive. This one feels very light and when you run it makes a sound that reminds me of spending hours in Claire's when i was tiny and touching all the necklaces. 

My local Superdrug has had a complete make over and i thought it was my duty is go inside.

 The next thing i brought was RIMMEL WAKE ME UP FOUNDATION! I am sitting at my computer clapping myself because i am so proud i have finally brought this! I even got it for £5.99 at my local Superdrug. I got the shade Ivory which acually looks really dark in the bottle but is my perfect shade (no more dark foundations for me). It also has SPF 15 which is perfect because i don't generally get burnt on my face but i like to have some protection from the sun and the typically English weather has started to get hotter but also rain so i will need a foundation that is long lasting and one that has SPF. 

 Nivea are always my go to for completely basic products. The Nivea in-shower moisturiser has had a lot of hype in the blogging world lately so i thought i'd better snatch it up before the prices go sky high. 
I generally moisturise after the shower but a lot of the time i don't have time so i thought this would be great and really easy and i know my skin will like it because Nivea's so friendly to skin. It also smells of Almonds. 

 Finally for my NOTD i am wearing Barry M Turquoise and Barry M Top and Base coat. I love this colour because it is like an electric sky blue.

 I brought my Audrey Hepburn ring on Ebay shop in February and can't find the link.

 Hope you like my post and tomorrow i am off to Chessington World of Adventures so i might do a post on that soon. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Importance of Pride.

That thing that not enough people have because they are too scared to have faith in themselves. You need to be proud to have pride and be untouchable. The people that have no 
self love, end up hating others. Pride is one of the most powerful emotions. This world doesn't have enough of it. 

You need pride to be able to eat a whole pack of Pringles by yourself. 
You need pride to stand in front of a whole hall of people and explain why they are all wrong.
You need pride to walk into a room wearing a onesie. 
You need pride to walk up to the homeless women and give her a fiver.
You need pride to walk into a homeless shelter and serve soup.
You need pride to be able to smile when you look in the mirror. 
You need PRIDE.

You notice that Pride is made up of lots of different emotions. You need to believe in yourself more and admit to yourself the differences between you and others because you know what? YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Embrace the pride that you have and let it out!

Song recommendation:Change your Life-Little Mix

Monday, 10 June 2013

Weekly Wishies #2

Hiya guys, 
My blogging has been a bit reckless lately so i am really sorry for the random posts on random days! I have been crazy busy lately, no idea why just have been. I am trying to be more organised but so far it hasn't been going too well. For todays post i decided on a wish list. Bit boring but i have been completely obsessed with reading other people wish lists and my Wantworthy list has just been getting longer and longer and longer. 
My Wantworthy list is full of summer items and refreshing body scrubs and mousturisers. In the summer i am completely obsessed with making my body and face feel nice and refreshed everyday especially long days at the park. My skin may not look greasy but i feel incredibly creasy and clammy after a sunny day out. I also like to keep good care of my hair in the summer because i go swimming so much and my hair is normally up. 

Tan Boots: I would happily replace my Doc Martins for a pair of these. Doc Martins are my go to Winter boot and i practically live in them in the Winter because they protect from the rain and snow really well but these are just so vintage. It's a bit random for Topshop to be selling a boot with a thermal lining in the Summer but they are just too gorgeous to ignore. This Victorian style boot is one of my favourite boot trends and i love the simplicity of them. The little Bronze buckle round the back is makes the allusion of slimmer ankles. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish: Summer (if it ever comes) is the biggest time for me to be wearing very colourful clothes and normally i don't wear nail polish because i live in the pool and am always doing something so a. it will crack very easily and b. there is no time to be painting my nails. Nude is a perfect colour for me because if it cracks it isn't as noticeable and the Gelly range at barry M is super glossy so i won't have to worry about another coat. Also if my outfit is colourful i don't want my nails to be too bright.

Luch Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Bit Late on the wagon but i feel it is finally time for me to venture into Lush and spend over £5.00 on a lip scrub. I have borrowed some from my friends before and it is more addictive then Pringles (saying this having eaten a whole pack of Pringles today...and another in the cupboard ready for tomorrow). This is the only product that i would say is a miracle in a pot. I get really dry lip and within 30 seconds of using these all the dead skin has disappeared and leaves my lips feeling really soft. 

Breakfast Scrub: Even the name just draws me in! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (especially at hotels) and the thought of rubbing breakfast all over your body sounds...a bit weird but i can just imagine the smell. Soap&Glory is a bit overpriced but i can willing to pay more for a scrub at this time of year because i like to refresh my body and scrubs last longer then body smoothies and lotions.

Coral Urbanears: I tried out my friends and they are fabulous! I hate most pairs of headphones and earphones because I find them so un-comfy and none of them block out the sound of the outside sound enough but these are amazing at both of them. I also love the colour because it's so girly. These can also be used as speakers.

Denim Cropped Shirt: Cropped shirts are all the rage now! I am completely loving them! they looked great with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts and just about everything. I particularly like this one because it is a bit of a twist on the normal denim shirt and the pattern has a very vintage feel.

Kisses and Hugs 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to be able to get a chance to go to the Graduate Fashion Week. I have heard of this before but never really understood what it was. It is basically a show to showcase all the work the graduates have done and a celebration before they are employed. There is a catwalk and a big hall with everyone's pods with all their work and designs on show. Overall the show was amazing and i had such a great time and it was a experience i will never forget. Everyone was so friendly and was completely happy to see a younger blogger there. It was really nice to speak to all the different designers and writers (i even got a chance to meet Misha B *woop* *woop*). 
The lighting was a tad yellow so apologise for the colour of the photos and the pictures have no order. This post is crazily long and non of the pictures have been edited.

I couldn't believe how friendly Misha B was! I am such a big fan of her. Her eye brows were perfect and i wanted to steal her nails and her hat! 

What a cute photo?

Big Big Hall

Cute table decorations everywhere

Panstel Panties

Bra for people with Breast Cancer

Ohh pretty

Pressed Flowers in a dress!

Blogger Book

Blogger Book

Cara Delevingne

Beautiful dress


More blogger book (told you there was no order to is)

Trouser skirt 

Who wouldn't want a pair?

Turquoise Pleather!!!!

Musically inspired clothes

Double Dress?


Gellies and frilly socks

Work set out on ironing boards

Chopstick Dress

Pink Rimmel phone box which i will happily have in my room

Paper and Bookmark dress

Speaker for the back of your bike

Knitted bike seat

Free Pesto and Jam




How are they possible to walk in?!?

Double Dress

Stamp Dress

The colours!

Lady Gaga style 


The detailing!

The new onesie

Favourite collection

Favourite Collection

I really hope this post hasn't been too boring and sorry for the delay of posts lately. Also thank you so much to my auntie, uncle and cousin who made this all possible.

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