Wednesday, 29 May 2013

You Are Not A Handbag

Every compared yourself to a handbag? Wishing you just came perfect, you were ready made, you didn't have to do anything, you had great curves and your colour never faded, you only broke when you had past your best and you lived in a cupboard (#awkward).


Does a handbag have pride in the things is does?
Does a handbag have a awkward smile?
Do all handbags have silly guilty pleasures and inside jokes with their best friend?
Does a handbag try at everything it does?
Does a handbag have feelings?
Does a handbag have friends?
Is a handbag perfect?

Everything about you is different from anyone else. Don't live up to expectations. Stand for everything you believe in. Smile when you look at yourself. Play air guitar and pretend you are Beyonce. Give the homeless women with the dog half your sandwich. Sit next to the old man in the park that always talks to the pigeons. Admit that you love the colour of your eyes or the shape of your nose. Watch a sad movie and eat all the popcorn you can eat without worrying about your weight (or what your flat mate will say when she finds out you ate all her pop corn...). Pay yourself a compliment everyday. Speak to the postman that you smile at everyday, ask how his day is going. Don't think that every inch of you needs to be perfect or you can't be happy or proud of yourself.
No matter how much you pamper your face with foundation, bronzer, concealer, powder, blusher, primer, moisturiser or anti wrinkle shit, you will be the same person on the inside.
Just your embarrassing laugh. Pursue your dream and don't get caught up in you faults and problems. There is some one out there for everyone. Believe in yourself and be real and never be fake. 
Take a whole day off work to just hang around with friends you haven't seen in 15 years or take a week off to visit them in Paris. Listen to your favourite music and sing till your neighbours bash on the wall. Make your guilty pleasures your proud pleasures. It's fine to feel down but remember it happens to everyone and they all make it through. Do something for charity. Raise money selling homemade orange juice.
You are like orange juice not a handbag. 

Every glass of orange juice has a different flavour. 
Every glass of orange juice is a different colour.
Some glasses of orange juice have bits, some don't.
Some are sour and some are sweet.
A glass of orange juice can save a child's life, you can't say that about a handbag. 

Handbags are made in batches to look the same.
They all fall apart, get lost, break and damage easily.
There is always a new handbag that you want but can't have.
They are the go-to-gift for the daughter you hate. 
Handbags can break the bank, but orange juice can't.

Do you still want to be a handbag?

The point is:

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ted Baker Choices (and competition)

This is my (very late) entry for the Ted SS13 Blogger Competition. For this outfit i have gone all out on the colour side of it but for the general shape and pattern, i have kept it simple. This dress caught my eye immediately because this is my favourite shade at the moment. It's quite a vibrant orange but has a hint of pink to it which helps the lace to stand out more. Also in the summer i like to just wear basic shapped dresses because the weather is warmer; i don't want to be wearing a skin tight dress or a knitted roll neck (not that i would ever wear that) or just anything that isn't easy to get around in. 
For the shoes i chose a really simple strap sandal. They look really comfy and they are perfect for a night out, picnic, trip to the beach or just a summers day. Again i think the colour is really bright and is bang on trend this season. I have recently brought a beanie hate the exacted same colour! 
For me this belt is the finishing touch to the outfit. It brings the whole outfit together and looks really girlie. The colour is between a mint and a light blue. This would look great with colour jeans or a really sweet floral dress as well as this outfit. 
I would wear this outfit to a summers wedding (i am going to one very soon) or a garden party/BBQ or just a casual summers day outfit.  
I hope you liked this post please let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I am a Giveaway Winner!

The other day (meaning 2 weeks ago) i was crowned the winner of a giveaway from the lovely writer of Angels Corner. I was over the moon since this was my first giveaway winning! I won a beautiful blue bag and a really cute notebook. It was all wrapped in really sweet paper and ribbon and included a little note. The bag came with a chain which is too long for my short self so i will just be using it as a clutch. I am currently using the notebook for upcoming blog posts. 
Thanks again! 


I would like to start off with a massive SORRY! I have been very very busy lately so haven't had time to blog. 
Not last Friday but the Friday before i found out that i had been ecepted into a school i have been waiting to go to for the whole of the school year. I went for a interview and they gave me a place. It all went so quickly and i was extatic! Since that Monday was a bank holiday i had one day left of my previous school. That day was full of tears, laughter, smiles and A LOT of cake. 
I started the new school on Tuesdays, luckily i was placed in a class with 3 of my best friends and my other 3 in the class next door. This has all been a big shock to the system because i have realist that i have dropped in subjects that i am passoinate about because of my old school. I am LOVING my new school and couldn't be happier! 
I have also moved house! I am living back in my old house now because before it was being completely rebuilt. It looks pretty empty because most of my things are lost in the mass of boxes in the front room or are still in storage.....somewhere. My room is starting to get really messy already but i think when i have shelves put up and a proper bed it will look better. 
Thats it really, i am planning posts for most days this week *fingers crossed* and please tell me any posts you would enjoy reading.

Monday, 6 May 2013

O.P.I Euro Centrale Minis Review

Hello again,
I was given this set a while ago but decided not to open it because lately nail polishes hasn't been drying on my nails and i have ended up wasting half the bottle. To celebrate me being accepted into a new school (my big news) i decided to treat my nails. This was my first experience of using O.P.I and it was defiantly a good one!

The quality was amazing! Every time i have painted my nails recently, the polish has gone gloopy and lumpy and hasn't dried which causes me to remove it straight away. After only one coat on i knew it had great quality, i used Barry M's basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener underneath which i thought would make it harder to paint but it went on perfectly. I also used the same polish for the topcoat.

I think the names are really adorable and make you smile because they are all a Euro inspired pun. The blue is called 'Can't find my Czechbook'. The pink is called 'Suzi's Hungary AGAIN'. The gold is called 'Oy-another Polish joke'. And the purple is called 'You're such a Budapest'.

It also includes a mini description of the colour.

After taking about a billion pictures i finally had to give up. This colour is a lot darker and has a green tint to it as you can see in the first picture. Out of all the colours this one went on the best, i only needed one coat but decided on two so it would stay longer. It isn't streaky or lumpy either. I really like that this is the only one in the set that doesn't have a sparkle to it and is just plain bold.

This colour is so unique because it is a really nice pinky shade but also has a corral tint to it and a little sparkle. Out of the set, this is the only one that went streaky, i had to put on a good 3 coats for it to have a full blast of colour and no streaks. this would match my navy party dress perfectly or even just a casual outfit of just jeans and a t-shirt.

This gold surprised me the most. I didn't no whether to expect it to be a glitter top coat or just a nail polish that looks good on it's own. It is definitely a polish that looks great on it's own. It has a really nice yellow look to it without it being too bright. You could leave it with only one coat but i decided i wanted it to last longer so i put another coat on. 

This was the easiest in the set to become gloopy. I had to use around 3 coats to make sure it was perfect. I really love this colour because it is a bold pastel lilac. i find that a lot of lilac nail polishes are really light but this one is more of a darker lilac.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Hi guys,
This post is going to be really short and sweet because i wanted to post something small for you all to enjoy without me having to spend ages writing it because i am still unpacking my house. I have planned foe more posts but haven't got round to it yet and i have a huge announcement to make.

 I have also used the MUA Pro-Prow kit.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hi everyone hope you are ok and everything is going  well,
I am currently moving house and haven't had time to post. Hopefully i will soon.
Kisses and Hugs,
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