Thursday, 5 June 2014

Iphone 4s Cases♡

If you follow me on Instagram (@evie_elliott) you will know that i recently got an Iphone. I was due for an upgrade in a month but i decided to pay the contract off so i would have an Iphone for my trip to New York.

I just wanted a little help deciding on which phone case to get. As you can see from the picture above, i don't like boring phone cases. I like big bulky or over-the-top rhinestoned cases. I have chosen 3 hard cases, 3 rubber cases and 2 rhinestoned cases. Tell me your favourite one in the comments below.

1: Fifi Lapin is a illustrated character who is a little bunny rabbit with very good style. She is always seen wearing top designer clothes. Check out her blog here.

2. This is obviously not the real Moschino Mcdonalds-inspired phone case (who spends £30 on a phone case?) but i found this dupe on for a fifth of the price! I do not eat Mcdonalds, i am one of those girls that LOVES salad so it's ironic.

3. I never had Lisa Frank growing up because we never had it in the UK. But i think i need this phone case to make up for all those years missed. It's so girly and childish!

4. What could be better than kitties in geek classes?

5. Lilo and Stitch is my all time favourite movie. I always wanted my own pet stitch and i know practically every single line. This phone case may not fit in my pocket but it's just so adorable.

6. This is quite a simple rhinestone case. I really like the daisy print but knowing Claire's it will break in two days.

7. Toy Story is my brothers favourite movie. The alien is so cute. I want three eyes!

8. This case from Etsy is a really over-the-top, multicoloured case. The only problem with rhinestoned cases is that they don't sit flat onn the table.

Tell me your favourtites in the comments below. xox
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