Saturday, 30 November 2013

My weekly Wanties #6

Hair Chalk: This is defiantly on my Christmas list! I know you can use real chalk on your hair but that can easily damage your hair or smudge onto your clothes very easily. I have wanted pastel pink hair for a long time now so what better way to try it out than using non-permanent hair chalks! It would also be really fun to try ombre hair and they are perfect for fancy dress parties.

Socks: Topshop are known for their pretty socks and since christmas is nearly here i thought what better way to get in the christmas spirit then with a pair of festive socks! But it is still a bit early to be wearing Santa or Christmas tree socks so these socks are perfect to get in a wintery mood! And i thought these Unicorn ones were also really cute and fun.

Srunchies: I already have two velvet scrunchies from Urban Outfitters and i wear them ALL the time. When my hair is looking really boring and bland i just put it up in a messy half up-half down style with a scrunchie and it looks like i have spent ages on my hair. Plus my favourite decade is the 90's and this leopard one really reminds me of 90's clothes.

Nail Polish: I'm not really a one for dark nail polishes but i love autumn colours like burgundy. So this colour from Barry M is a perfect alternative. It like a pinky-burgandy and i think it would look perfect with gold sparkle on top!

Eye Shadow Set: I have been on the hunt for a natural brown-berry eyeshadow set for a while now and this one from NYC is exactly what i wanted. They are the perfect autumnal colours and it even shows you where to put the colour.

Brow Set: I have quite mental brows and i am terrible at filling them in so all i do to them is brush a brow set through them. Most days i don't wear any makeup but i always put brow set on. My current one has nearly run out and it's doesn't do the job very well but i have heard such goos things about this one from Mac.

Eye Shadow Stick: These are a perfect alternative to eye shadow because you don't need a brush and they can't smash and they are really easy to carry around and apply on the go. I also think that eyeshadow sticks stay on for a much longer time then powder shadows too. These one are only £3.19 each so perfect for teenagers or people starting out their make-up collection. I would use this pink-champagne colour (Vintage Blush) on my inner corner and under my eye and the brown colour in my crease (Hot Chocolate).

Mascara: I have heard a lot about this mascara and it sounds amazing. I can't say much about it except it looks like a very original mascara and i love getting new mascaras.

Dress: I don't own any party dresses or any dresses that i can get away with wearing to a party mainly because i don't go to many parties. But for me it's always around Christmas and New Year that all the Birthday Parties happen. I chose this dress because it's so basic, you can pair it with a pretty blouse for a posh party or you can pair it with a cute cardi for more casual party! I always go to a party overdressed or wearing bright colour clothes and everyone else it just in jeans and a pretty top!

What are you asking for for Christmas? xox

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Halloween Outfit YouTube Video

This video has been up for a while now but i thought i would share it with you guys.
It's just to show you my outfit, hair and make up that i wore to trick or treating with my friends.
I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Black and White Tumblr Things

Owning Tumblr is one of the many joys of my 'internet wasting time'. I could spend many hours on there even though i still can't work out how to work it properly. You can't own Tumblr with-out reposting a black and white are some of my favourites.
Love you girlies,

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