Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Face Washes for Each Skin Type♡

It feels like forever since i took photos for my blog. Lately, my posts have only consisted of lists and fashion collages. I made an extra special effort with these pictures (as you can tell by the fairy lights).

My skin tends to change its mind all the time. In the Winter, my skin is dry and tight, in the Summer, my skin feels incredibly greasy and then in the time inbetween my skin feels like combination (I  party blame this on English weather.) So to conclude I own three face washes...
It has taken me a fair amount of time to find three perfect face washes for my skin. But since skin care in so reasonable priced in the Drugstore, I didn't end up wasting too much money. I was really disappointed because a lot of the products I tested didn't do what they promise on the packaging.
I  am a teenager so I do suffer from 'teenager skin'. I wanted to quickly tell you what my skin is like so that if you have similar them these face washes/scrubs are perfect for you. I have huge pores on my nose that are quite visible, I rarely get white heads but when I do they are near my nose. I also get blackheads on my forehead and I get about 1 new pimple a week that can easily be popped. Once in a blue moon I get an irritating spot that is sometimes itchy and is normally caused by stress. You are probably really grossed out and  thinking "woah, TMI!" But carry on reading to find out what products I use to save my skin.

 Dry and Sensitive Skin:
The 'Clearasil Rapid Action Gel Wash'* is the most moisturising face wash i have ever used! This is probably down to the fact that it is a gel wash. I had no experience with gel face washes so i didn't know what to expect. What i liked most about this face wash was that it wasn't heavy. It glides on the skin so smoothly and it is very light and gentle on the skin. After using this face wash for just one day, i noticed how smooth my skin was, but i didn't find that it did anything for my spots. I would recommend this for people who have dry or sensitive skin but if you have spottier skin, this is not for you.

 Oily and Spot Prone Skin:
This face wash is perfect for when i'm having a bad skin day. It has large exfoliating beads that help scrub off all the dirt and grease from the day. They also help to unblock pores. My skin feels completely clean after i have used this so normally i only use it in the evening and a different wash in the morning. I would recommend this to people who have spot prone skin and like a heavy face scrub.

 Combination and Normal Skin:
I personally like a face wash that really feels like it has got rid of all the dirt from the day and has stripped my face bare from any spot bacteria. This does just that and that explains why it is my favourite. I would say this is perfect for all skin types. It is more gentle than the 'Clearasil Rapid Action Scrub'* but fights spots better than the 'Clearasil Rapid Action Gel Wash'*. It has tiny exfoliating beads that get right into your pores and deeply cleanse them. It also has a delightful fresh smell. My face doesn't feel tight after using this, instead it feels squeaky clean. I use this on days when my skin is having a good or bad day!

What is your favourite face wash? xox

*products with asterisk show that it was sent to me but i have given my complete honest opinion

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bringing Spring Trends into Summer♡

Haven't got the money to be keeping up with all the new trends each season? Here are my tips to stay within a budget but still look trendy.

1. Yellow. Yellow is a colour that is neither more Spring nor more Summer. Whenever the sun is out, you can get away with wearing any type of yellow: pastel or bright. My favourite way to wear yellow is on knitwear because it makes the yellow look more casual and not so "wow that's bright...i need to put my sunglasses on!"

Instead of wearing this cropped jumper from Topshop with a floral dress, i would wear it with some jeans rolled up at the bottom and some really simple trainers to give an effortless but still put together look. This outfit would be most fitted for a picnic or walk in the park.

2. Lace Socks. Lace socks are the easiest (and cheapest) step to making any outfit look more summery. Whether you wear them with trainers or with boots, they automatically make you appear more girly and child-like. They can be paired with most clothing: dresses, jeans, skirts, but i would stay clear of clashing the colour of your shoe with the socks -choose harmonious colours.

Instead of wearing them with white trainers, i would wear these candy-coloured lace socks from Urban Outfitters with glitter jelly shoes or white sandals.

3. Daisies. Any type of flower is always going to be more of a Spring trend but wearing it in accessories instead of printed on clothing is an alternative option for Summer. In Summer you can get away with wearing any hair style no matter how crazy because it is festival season. I love huge daisy floral crowns like this one from Claire's.

If i was wearing this headband i would go all out and wear dungarees and a floral crop top to make the look really 'energetic'.

What Spring trends will you be wearing in Summer?
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Graduate Fashion Week♡

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that last year i got the chance to go to Graduate Fashion Week. GFW is basically a week full of fashions shows showing off graduates work. It was truly amazing to see what young people can design. This year i was privileged enough to be able to go again. This year was a bit different- i only got a chance to go to the catwalk instead of being able to talk to lots of designers. I love the atmosphere of catwalks and commenting on peoples outfits. Here are a few snaps i took... 
Have you been to any fashion shows recently?

Friday, 2 May 2014

New York: May 2014♡

For as long as i can remember, i have always wanted to go to New York. I used to tell my mum that i was going to live there when i was older and i was so envious of her when she got to go every other year with her work. The huge, flashing billboards in Times Square, the view of the skyline and the extravagantly famous paintings in all the museums, all appealed to me greatly. Finally, my wish has come true (as cheesy as it sounds). In exactly 3 weeks i will be jetting off to New York with my mum and dad. We will be staying in the East village for one week.

I obviously have a few ideas on where to go and what to see but i need your help! I want to know the best nail bar in Brooklyn, all the best vintage shops and unique boutiques, best breakfast cafes and restaurants. Do you know of any flee markets or good places to get a belly button piecing done? I want to have the majority of the days planned out but most of the time we will just be 'mooching' around and discovering new places.
Here are my ideas so far:

-Central Park
-Broadway show
-Stature of Liberty
-Rockefeller Center
-Times Square
-Brooklyn Bridge
-China Town
-Little Italy
-Manhattan Skyline
-Yankee Stadium
-FIT Museum
-High Line
-Bronx Zoo
-NY or Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
-Empire State Building
-Ground Zero
-Brooklyn Flee Market

Please leave me all your recommendations and ideas in the comments below.
Are you going on holiday this year? xox
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