Thursday, 28 February 2013


Photos are memories and Memories are Forever Approaching
This post is going to be about my memories and why they are so important to me and my family and friends.
You might not enjoy this but you might love it. 
I am listening to Aiden Grimshaw curtain Calls.

Pass the Parcel
Always laughing at everything
Fairy up
Fairy down
Marshmallow Tower
Always carrying on even if i'm humiliated or very messy
Remember those bubble blowing thingy-ma-bobs
Being a Chef
Irish dancing
School trips
Going onto splash and being on t.v for a few seconds
Thinking i was tall
Huck growing BOOBS!
Having a pound to spend in Harrods!
Completing the Race for Life and raising over £1000
Huck in a Photo Booth
Getting engaged to a Pizza man
Dawn Porter tweeting me three times and following me
Making this with my Bezzie
Growing a Tach
Him coming in dressed like this
When she fell in Love with a Sandwich
Old Class
Last Day of Primary
Mini Photo Shoot
What Ever word we were saying and the Best Prank Call Ever
Onesies and Facemasks 
Staying here in Ibiza
Girly Holiday
Spontaneous Singing
Tigers in Swimming Costumes
The hair Train
What ever happened on this day
Staying indoors with These lot
 Still a little kid inside
 Squashed in a bus
 The crazy but amazing Family
 Don't really know what to say to that
 Western Super Mare!
 Shopping with the Girls
Swinging Chair Thingys
 Sad last day of School
 Leap for the Skys
Jumping over mud fot some Reason
 and MORE bums
 Eating as Usual
 Cute Family
 Bigger Family
Cutest Picture i have ever seen in my LIFE!
Mum's New Do
This is a few memories but only a few!! I have trillions more! Maybe i will do another memorie post soon.
Be original
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