Saturday, 16 February 2013

This blog is basically about anything from the top of my 12 year old crazy mind. 
I sound too young to be writing a blog but anyway I am.
Music helps me to write so right now I'm listening to Change your life by Little Mix.
More on them later! :) 
In this blog I will speak about anything from cupcake sprinkles to Perrie Edwards hair.
When I'm older I want to be a fashion designer, a make up artist, a blogger or anything to do with fashion.
 I love unicorns, Louis Tomlinson, cheesy popcorn and Spring!!!! 
I think fake nails are annoying. 
I believe in fate.
Love at first sight is absolute crazy-osity!
I make up words.
Tom Daley signed my book and I was on t.v for about 3seconds. 
Best friends mean the word to me. 
I'm still listening to the same song.
Let haters hate because they can't touch how much you believe in your self.
Be what you want to be not what others want to see.
Kissings and Huggings 

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