Monday, 25 February 2013

My outfit for today...............

Howdy Partner,
I am listening to Ben Howard Only Love.
This is another fashion post which i am tremendiously excitemondo (basically tremendously excited) about.
I apologise now for the pictures being taken in the mirror. It is the only way to do it right now because i don't feel comfortable with other people taking to pictures but i will sort that out soon.
I also (kind of) invented a new hairstyle by accident. 
On this day i was going to bath (the place not the tub, i don't wear clothes in the tub surprisingly)
Here is my outfit^
Shirt: h&m
I really love the colours of this shirt but i really don't like the length of it. It is very long. You can't see in this picture because i have tucked it in. I find tucking in tops looks really nice but a bit awkward when you take a trip to the loo and you can see the ends and folds through what ever you are wearing.

Jeggings: h&m (were given to me by my lovely friend)
I am a bit obsessed with these because they are so comfy and go with anything because they are normal   colour. They are not too tight, which normally happens with my jeans, but also not too loose! they are just right!

On to my hair...............
 Far shot^

Medium shot^

Close up^
I understand this is very hard to see. But i thought it looked pretty good so i wanted to show you. Can i just say my hair isn't greasy (worst thing EVER) it is just wet. I like it because it folds round twice and it makes me think of fish for some reason.

Have fun in everything you do!

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