Tuesday, 26 February 2013

10 facts about mwah!

300 views!!!!!!! I'm so excited i haven't even said hello yet!
Hey Hey Hey 
But on the down side i have a big fat 0 followers.
Anyway i'm going to look at the good side of this situation!
I am listening to Maverick Sabre No One.
To celebrate i'm going to eat a lot of crisp and chocolate fingers........and do a 10 facts about mwah post!

 1. I have a 28 followers on twitter but one is the amazing Dawn Porter so i'm not complaining.

2. Dawn Porter tweeted me 3 times on twitter ^this is a picture of two of the tweets.

3. I used to have blonde hair but now i'm a carrot.

4. This is my very crazy, very weird but totally amazing best friend.

5. Laughing is a magical thing.

6. I want to be a fairy and always have.

7. Unicorns are awesome.

8. I could not live without eaton mess and chocolate cake.

9. I officially have the coolest pumpkin.

10. My spelling is teribel!!

Thank you soooooo much everyone but now you have to follow.
Always look at the bright side of life.

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