Sunday, 17 February 2013


I am listening to the radio. 
This post is going to be about anything really. 
I'm probably start off talking about one thing and then end by talking about the opposite!
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This is me and my beautiful friend.
And yes we are wearing 3D glasses!
I put this picture up to show you how red my hair was. But in this picture it has already faded. I really liked it like that but it faded very quick. My hair felt like it was fake (which it obviously was) but it felt lighter and it was always in my view because it was so red. I have dyed my hair 3 times.

1st and second time I used:

I am very very sorry but I don't know what colour I used. The first time it was a darker red but the second time it was very bright and luminous. 
I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone who wants a semi permanent colour. It's a foam and is super easy to put on. It's also very quick to put on and it gives you everything you need. Normally in boots it is about £5.99 but when i got mine they were £3.99. So they are really cheap!

Now my hair in ginger and some of my bezzies call me carrot head!!!!!
I was thinking that I should go back to my original colour (dark-ish blonde) and get purple (like Perrie Edwards hair) on my tips.
The last time I dyed my hair was the colour purple. I used a french hair dye brand and I think the shade was Bilberry 21. This make was terrible it didn't turn my hair purple at all, it just turned a darker ginger. The instructions was poor and the mixture and shampoos were all dry.

As you can see the Bilberry 21 is a very bright purple but it just made my hair darker and it stayed for about 2 days and then went and I was left with my ginger hair again.
That is what comes in the box. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!! It turned out being about my hair. Ask me any questions!
Be unique!!


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