Saturday, 16 February 2013

Perrie Edwards Hair Envy

Hey Peep-errr-roooonys,

I am listening to the sound of the t.v in the background and my blackberry going off with messages from my bezzies!!!!!
I have a serious issue and it's got to a bad point!!!!!!
I want Perrie Edwards hair soooooooo bad that I might have to steal it but Ella would probably stop me before I got there.

Here is specimen A.

It's sooooooooooooooooo purple. But the thing is I can't dye my hair this colour because in the shops they only have DARK DARK DARK purple and that depresses me.

Specimen B.

In this pic it's lighter. I prefer lighter. But I also just love how her hair is naturally flouncy and bouncy (oooooh thats fun to say!! FLOUNCY AND BOUNCY!!! Say it with me so I don't feel lonely. ok maybe i should shush.........) And her hair looks amazing with flower headbands!!! 

Specimen C. (the one that makes me cry the most)


I'm going to have a lie down now. Tell me what you think about her hair and if I should have that purple at my tips when I go blonde again.
At least she hasn't touched my Louis Tomlinson

Kissings and Huggings 

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