Sunday, 29 September 2013

Car Boot Sale Haul

Having never really been to a boot sale before, i jumped at the chance when i was invited by a family friend. I only managed to find £7 down the back of the sofa and that was defo enough. I managed to get 6 things, all from good high street shops. I would really recommend going to one because everything there is so cheap and they even sell house hold think like loo brushes, tooth brushes and kitchen towel. I'm planning on going again because they had a lot of good make up brands there for very low pricey and most still in packaging. A lot of the high end make up brands like Mac will all be copies and fakes so watch out.

 Not too sure where these are from but am guessing Topshop.

 Matalan (brand new with tag RRP £6)

 Urban Outfitters

 The Body Shop



Whats the best thing you have ever brought from a car boot sale?

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Workout Tips, Tricks and Wants

So i've got to that age where you either put on a drastic amount of weight or turn into a stick. We all know what way i want to go...Personally i don't want to be super thin; i just want to be healthy and active. Since i get out of breathe walking up my school stairs i thought it was time i should do something about it. I've started doing a half an hour workout whenever i can (about 2 to 3 times a week) but am trying to start doing it more often. I have also joined sport clubs at school and i cycle to school (this will have to stop soon because the weather is getting very chilly). So here are 7 of my top workout tips and tricks...

1. So simple, yet so effective! Having bright clothes just brings me so much happiness. Sometimes i like to look in the mirror while i do some of my exercises to either rally myself or to check if i'm doing it correct. Having bright clothes just makes me feel very powerful and strong.

2. If you are into stretching and things like plank then i would recommend going on Instagram or Tumblr while you are in the stretch. It completely takes your mind off the pain and makes the time go much quicker. 

3. While doing the Plank i like to watch a music video or a YouTube video. Again keeping my mind off the pain while doing something that i would normally do while doing homework which wastes time.

4. Listen to songs that you know the words to. Sounds silly but i love to sing along while i working out. Rocking on to Miley Cyrus always works nicely. But make sure the songs play for a decent amount of time or have it on shuffle. Personally, i don't normally like putting it on shuffle because some song i don't like to work out to. If you are doing one minute exercises then play a five minute song so then you can fit in 5 exercises. 

5. Work out a routine. My routine is working my way up to quite hard and energetic exercises and then going back down again and doing my final stretches.

6. Make time for it! I like to come home from school and maybe check Blogger for any new post or do a tad of Internet shopping or watch a show i missed on catch up. Then do my workout and while i'm doing my stretches at the end i like to look in my school planner and find any homework i need to do and just plan what order i'm going to do my homework in or think if i need for it. After i'm done i do my home work and have a shower. 

7. Damp your sports bra before doing a workout. I discovered this because my sports bra was on the washing line and wasn't completely dry, i just decided to wear it because i didn't have another one. While doing the workout it made me feel really refreshed and not too overheated. I've been doing it ever since.  

And my work out wants...

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8

Whats your work out essentials?
Would you like me to do YouTube Video on my Workout routine and essentials?

Friday, 27 September 2013

Teen Tumblr Things

The joy of Tumblr and Instagram are the cute pictures of puppies smiling, the girly bedrooms and the black and white gifs of quotes from High School Musical. Having spent hours lusting over the perfect red lip, having hot dog legs and perfect relationship i decided to show you guys some of my fav Tumblr photos...i hope you enjoy.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Weekly Wanties #4

Cropped, tartan, logo t-shirt all in one! Couldn't get any better really. Being a complete tartan obsessor- Autumn in my favourite season mainly because tartan is one of the major trends. Tartan makes everything look so cosy probably because it reminds me so much of cosy blankets that you have to put on your bed in Autumn and Winter. I think this top would look super autumnal with some high waisted Mom jeans, a snug boyfriend jumper and some dark orange nail polish. Who wouldn't want a top saying "RECKLESS YOUTH"?

The Anastasia Beverly eye-brow duos have been raved about by every american blogger/youtuber i know. I'm not sure if this was ordinarily just an American product but i defiantly know you can buy it from net-a-porter. For me, eye brow are the most important part of my make up and i look a bit eye-brow-bald when they aren't filled in. I haven't yet been able to find a eye brow pencil/shadow that works well for me, so hopefully this might be it! I love that it comes with two colours so you can alternate or highlight with one and fill with the other. 

Timberlands= New Dr Martens. Not saying that i don't totally adore my DM's but i think this year i want a little change from my usual DM boot. Some will say i will look like a builder but some will say they look amazeballs. Either way they will be mine soon... I think they just look down-right perfect with Mom jeans or Boyfriend jeans. They don't look as clunky and aren't as brightly colours as most DM's. Personally, i don't even bother buying boots from any clothes shops because they just break in 2 seconds and whats the point in having a pair on winter boots that can't last through one day of rain? And for the snow the only way is the Dr Marten way.

One of my least favourite parts of painting my nails is having chipped polish on for days because i can't be bothered to get the cotton wool out and find the nail polish remover so being able to just dunk my fingers in and out of a little pot of...squishy stuff sounds like a dream. I'm also told it doesn't leave you fingers feeling completely attacked my chemicals like nail polish remover always does.

Not the most Autumnal colour but just took at the sparkle! And with a name like mermaid tears, how can you resist? The cling film looking sparkle really does make me imagine what mermaid tears would look like. I love how blue and purple look so feminine together. 

If you know me well you will know that clueless in my favourite movie and tartan is my favourite print and the 90's was my favourite decade. So this dress just makes me want to do a happy little dance. I don't even know what to say about this  except it makes me extremely over excited and makes me clap my hands together like a happy seal. I have actually tried it on in the shop but haven't been able to take it to the till and bring it home sadly.

My mum has steered me away from buying skinny jeans because i'm not super duper skinny and they are just so uncomfortable compared to Mom jeans and Boyfriend Jeans. I have no need to look super skinny so why buy super skinny jeans? I love these black/grey ones from Topshop because they just look so grunge. My style is slowly become more casual and no better way to look casual then a pair of Mom jeans and an oversized tee. 

See you later chikkas
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Monday, 9 September 2013

My 5 Back to School Secrets

So for many of us school has started and so has Autum/Winter. Paperchase even thinks Christmas is just around the corner. So i have put together 5 of my top tips for school time...Enjoy.

1. Always have a 'go to' outfit. If you are one of those "i have nothing to wear" girls then always have a outfit that is quick and easy and perfect for all weathers and activities. Mine is my New Look play suit which i have had for 2 years and is in perfect condition. It is stretchy so easy to move about in, not too tight in the waist so i can still breathe, when jumping (as you do) it doesn't fly up, easy to ride a bike in, has a cute collar and is easy to wear in every season either with a cardigan or thick tights.

2. Have a little pouch/small make up school bag in your bag with all your essentials, i just use a pouch with cute sunflowers on that i got from a Company magazine.
My essentials are:
-Hand sanitiser
-3-4 bobby pins
-1 butterfly clip
-2 hair bands
-Lip gloss
-Lip balm
-Compacted mirror with a hair brush
-Small sample of hand cream now Autumn/Winter is coming

3. Always have a memory stick ready. You never know when you will need one (especially when your homework is overdue). I keep mine in the front pocket of my little pouch but you can easily attach it to your keys.

3. Concentrate. Sounds easy but it's pretty hard when all you can think about is TOWIE and how much you want that new Topshop jacket. It always turns out that i start daydreaming on the most important part of what the teacher is saying. To help me concentrate i just write "concentrate" on my hand and when i day dream i always end up looking at my hand and so that brings me back down to earth. If you would rather not give yourself ink poisoning then maybe write it on your planner or a book.

4. Make your books pretty! It's so simple to do AND it makes work much more fun. All you have to do is do is go to Paperchase and buy some nice wrapping paper (or use some leftovers that are lying around) and stick it on the cover. So far my English book has got cats flying in spaceships on the front, my geography book has unicorns and rainbows on and my Maths book has moustaches on. This is simple, cheap and fun to do and it makes such a change to the way the lessons goes. Don't forget to ask your teacher before decorating the cover just in case.

5. Bring a snack. So simple but makes such a huge difference. Especially now Winter is on it's way and it will soon start feeling like classes are getting longer and breaks are getting shorter. You just need that boost of energy to get you few the next few lessons until lunch. I would recommend anything from Bear nibbles and Tracker bars they are both small and fill the gap.

Whats your Back to School Secrets?

Monday, 2 September 2013

E45 Nourish and Restore Lotion for Dry Skin

So it's been a while...3 weeks to be exact. I have been incredibly busy doing everything but somehow doing nothing. My cat died on the 5th of August and i was on holiday from the 8th to the 24th. I have also been obsessing over T.V, Instagram and chilli crackers so had no time to post (pathetic, i know). But never fear i am back and i feel refreshed and able to write! 
This is a very overdue post that i have been sponsored to do (complete honest opinion given).

When the sun is out in London it's sweaty and when the wind comes it's dry . So i need a moisturiser that refreshes me in the Summer but still gets rid any dry skin in the Winter. And i think i have found one...The E45 Nourish and Restore Lotion for Dry Skin. I have never tried any E45 products but i knew they were a very Holy Grail company like Vaseline. It does exactly what i says on the tin: helps prevent dry skin and retain moisture. Maintaining and nourishing sun tanned skin is hard but this moisturiser makes it easy. I wouldn't say that it is sticky but it does take a little while to dry. Despite that you do need a fairly large amount, it gives you a healthy glow. One place that i commonly get dry skin are my elbows and i have seen a vast improvement.

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