Monday, 23 September 2013

Weekly Wanties #4

Cropped, tartan, logo t-shirt all in one! Couldn't get any better really. Being a complete tartan obsessor- Autumn in my favourite season mainly because tartan is one of the major trends. Tartan makes everything look so cosy probably because it reminds me so much of cosy blankets that you have to put on your bed in Autumn and Winter. I think this top would look super autumnal with some high waisted Mom jeans, a snug boyfriend jumper and some dark orange nail polish. Who wouldn't want a top saying "RECKLESS YOUTH"?

The Anastasia Beverly eye-brow duos have been raved about by every american blogger/youtuber i know. I'm not sure if this was ordinarily just an American product but i defiantly know you can buy it from net-a-porter. For me, eye brow are the most important part of my make up and i look a bit eye-brow-bald when they aren't filled in. I haven't yet been able to find a eye brow pencil/shadow that works well for me, so hopefully this might be it! I love that it comes with two colours so you can alternate or highlight with one and fill with the other. 

Timberlands= New Dr Martens. Not saying that i don't totally adore my DM's but i think this year i want a little change from my usual DM boot. Some will say i will look like a builder but some will say they look amazeballs. Either way they will be mine soon... I think they just look down-right perfect with Mom jeans or Boyfriend jeans. They don't look as clunky and aren't as brightly colours as most DM's. Personally, i don't even bother buying boots from any clothes shops because they just break in 2 seconds and whats the point in having a pair on winter boots that can't last through one day of rain? And for the snow the only way is the Dr Marten way.

One of my least favourite parts of painting my nails is having chipped polish on for days because i can't be bothered to get the cotton wool out and find the nail polish remover so being able to just dunk my fingers in and out of a little pot of...squishy stuff sounds like a dream. I'm also told it doesn't leave you fingers feeling completely attacked my chemicals like nail polish remover always does.

Not the most Autumnal colour but just took at the sparkle! And with a name like mermaid tears, how can you resist? The cling film looking sparkle really does make me imagine what mermaid tears would look like. I love how blue and purple look so feminine together. 

If you know me well you will know that clueless in my favourite movie and tartan is my favourite print and the 90's was my favourite decade. So this dress just makes me want to do a happy little dance. I don't even know what to say about this  except it makes me extremely over excited and makes me clap my hands together like a happy seal. I have actually tried it on in the shop but haven't been able to take it to the till and bring it home sadly.

My mum has steered me away from buying skinny jeans because i'm not super duper skinny and they are just so uncomfortable compared to Mom jeans and Boyfriend Jeans. I have no need to look super skinny so why buy super skinny jeans? I love these black/grey ones from Topshop because they just look so grunge. My style is slowly become more casual and no better way to look casual then a pair of Mom jeans and an oversized tee. 

See you later chikkas
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