Monday, 9 September 2013

My 5 Back to School Secrets

So for many of us school has started and so has Autum/Winter. Paperchase even thinks Christmas is just around the corner. So i have put together 5 of my top tips for school time...Enjoy.

1. Always have a 'go to' outfit. If you are one of those "i have nothing to wear" girls then always have a outfit that is quick and easy and perfect for all weathers and activities. Mine is my New Look play suit which i have had for 2 years and is in perfect condition. It is stretchy so easy to move about in, not too tight in the waist so i can still breathe, when jumping (as you do) it doesn't fly up, easy to ride a bike in, has a cute collar and is easy to wear in every season either with a cardigan or thick tights.

2. Have a little pouch/small make up school bag in your bag with all your essentials, i just use a pouch with cute sunflowers on that i got from a Company magazine.
My essentials are:
-Hand sanitiser
-3-4 bobby pins
-1 butterfly clip
-2 hair bands
-Lip gloss
-Lip balm
-Compacted mirror with a hair brush
-Small sample of hand cream now Autumn/Winter is coming

3. Always have a memory stick ready. You never know when you will need one (especially when your homework is overdue). I keep mine in the front pocket of my little pouch but you can easily attach it to your keys.

3. Concentrate. Sounds easy but it's pretty hard when all you can think about is TOWIE and how much you want that new Topshop jacket. It always turns out that i start daydreaming on the most important part of what the teacher is saying. To help me concentrate i just write "concentrate" on my hand and when i day dream i always end up looking at my hand and so that brings me back down to earth. If you would rather not give yourself ink poisoning then maybe write it on your planner or a book.

4. Make your books pretty! It's so simple to do AND it makes work much more fun. All you have to do is do is go to Paperchase and buy some nice wrapping paper (or use some leftovers that are lying around) and stick it on the cover. So far my English book has got cats flying in spaceships on the front, my geography book has unicorns and rainbows on and my Maths book has moustaches on. This is simple, cheap and fun to do and it makes such a change to the way the lessons goes. Don't forget to ask your teacher before decorating the cover just in case.

5. Bring a snack. So simple but makes such a huge difference. Especially now Winter is on it's way and it will soon start feeling like classes are getting longer and breaks are getting shorter. You just need that boost of energy to get you few the next few lessons until lunch. I would recommend anything from Bear nibbles and Tracker bars they are both small and fill the gap.

Whats your Back to School Secrets?

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