Sunday, 29 September 2013

Car Boot Sale Haul

Having never really been to a boot sale before, i jumped at the chance when i was invited by a family friend. I only managed to find £7 down the back of the sofa and that was defo enough. I managed to get 6 things, all from good high street shops. I would really recommend going to one because everything there is so cheap and they even sell house hold think like loo brushes, tooth brushes and kitchen towel. I'm planning on going again because they had a lot of good make up brands there for very low pricey and most still in packaging. A lot of the high end make up brands like Mac will all be copies and fakes so watch out.

 Not too sure where these are from but am guessing Topshop.

 Matalan (brand new with tag RRP £6)

 Urban Outfitters

 The Body Shop



Whats the best thing you have ever brought from a car boot sale?


  1. I never manage to find goodies like this at car boots sales! The revlon blusher is such a good find, I've wanted it for a while
    Love your blog! I've followed you xxxx

    1. I'm so happy that i found the Revlon Blusher, i wear it practically every time i do my makeup now. I would highly recommend it! xx


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