Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Workout Tips, Tricks and Wants

So i've got to that age where you either put on a drastic amount of weight or turn into a stick. We all know what way i want to go...Personally i don't want to be super thin; i just want to be healthy and active. Since i get out of breathe walking up my school stairs i thought it was time i should do something about it. I've started doing a half an hour workout whenever i can (about 2 to 3 times a week) but am trying to start doing it more often. I have also joined sport clubs at school and i cycle to school (this will have to stop soon because the weather is getting very chilly). So here are 7 of my top workout tips and tricks...

1. So simple, yet so effective! Having bright clothes just brings me so much happiness. Sometimes i like to look in the mirror while i do some of my exercises to either rally myself or to check if i'm doing it correct. Having bright clothes just makes me feel very powerful and strong.

2. If you are into stretching and things like plank then i would recommend going on Instagram or Tumblr while you are in the stretch. It completely takes your mind off the pain and makes the time go much quicker. 

3. While doing the Plank i like to watch a music video or a YouTube video. Again keeping my mind off the pain while doing something that i would normally do while doing homework which wastes time.

4. Listen to songs that you know the words to. Sounds silly but i love to sing along while i working out. Rocking on to Miley Cyrus always works nicely. But make sure the songs play for a decent amount of time or have it on shuffle. Personally, i don't normally like putting it on shuffle because some song i don't like to work out to. If you are doing one minute exercises then play a five minute song so then you can fit in 5 exercises. 

5. Work out a routine. My routine is working my way up to quite hard and energetic exercises and then going back down again and doing my final stretches.

6. Make time for it! I like to come home from school and maybe check Blogger for any new post or do a tad of Internet shopping or watch a show i missed on catch up. Then do my workout and while i'm doing my stretches at the end i like to look in my school planner and find any homework i need to do and just plan what order i'm going to do my homework in or think if i need for it. After i'm done i do my home work and have a shower. 

7. Damp your sports bra before doing a workout. I discovered this because my sports bra was on the washing line and wasn't completely dry, i just decided to wear it because i didn't have another one. While doing the workout it made me feel really refreshed and not too overheated. I've been doing it ever since.  

And my work out wants...

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8

Whats your work out essentials?
Would you like me to do YouTube Video on my Workout routine and essentials?

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