Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Surviving February: School Work and Organisation♡

I find it really difficult to get all my work done in time, be really organised and still have time to do everything else. So here are the tips that help me get through school work and being organised.

1. Prepare for projects and revision sessions.When i get a arty project as homework i always plan it and then list the materials that i need to buy/use. This just makes it easier so that when i come to actually doing it, all the things i need are set out and ready and it is basically done already. When revising for a test ask your teacher or make your own revision list. Basically everything that is going to be in the test. So then if you don't understand one topic that you studied you can highlight it on your list and go over it again or ask for help with it. So then you can go up to your teacher and instead of saying "I need help with revising for the test" you can say "I need help with finding the area of a circle."

2. Do it with a friend. I find revising way more fun if i have a friend. Also if one of you doesn't understand something then the other can explain it. Everything sounds easier if it's your best friend teaching it to you. Also if you have lots of lovely snacks like crisps and sweets then that's a bonus!

3. Plan out your day. It makes everything 10 times easier and it means you get everything done.
I already have my day today planned:
-Watch Call the midwife on Iplayer
-Write 3 blog post (i know, i'm such an organised blogger!)
-Read my school book
-Prepare cookie ingredient and put the mixture in the fridge
-While they are setting in the fridge do my saxophone practise
-Finish making cookies and put them in the oven
-Workout time!
-Revise for maths test, pack my bags for Leeds and do other bits and bobs like that.

4. Rewards! I always reward myself by watching a Youtube video after i have finished a blog post or after writing a long paragraph refreshing my Instagram or Snapchat inbox. If you are doing something really difficult like a practise test or an essay then i would recommend using food. Giving yourself one Maltesers after each paragraph or question and three after each page. But don't do this if you are writing a one hundred page book.

Do you ever revise with your friends?xox

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Surviving February: Teachers and School♡

I know so many people that love school and a few who hate it. I'm a bit in between because sometimes i love school and sometimes i can't stand it and just want to stay in bed all day eating Rice Crispies. Especially in the Winter time i find it really difficult to stay motivated and concentrated. Here are my 3 top tips on surviving school.

1. If a teacher is really annoying you just take a deep breath. There is no reason fighting back because all that is going to happen is you will get in trouble- there is no benefit from it. What probably annoys me most about teachers is that they think they are 10 times better then everyone and 10 times more important and they always get everything right. Obviously, they are teachers and they do have some control over us and we need to accept that. If a teacher does this then instead of making a huge thing about it, just ask yourself "Is there any reason in getting myself in trouble when I'm not going to win this fight anyway?"

2. Don't get into bad habits. This is pretty self explanatory. Get your bag and outfit ready the night before and always check as soon as you get home from school if you have any homework due the next day. I always forget about homework and then find it in my planner the night before and stay up till midnight finishing it off. Also if you have pack lunch then at the start of the week think of what you need to buy or what you can have for lunch on each day. Bad habits can also occur with behaviour for example constantly calling out in class: this will a. be annoying and b. be disruptive to the whole class. It can also occur in friendships like always stealing your friends food or interrupting peoples conversation.

3. Don't get a reputation. This is the same for teachers and friendships. If a teacher thinks that you are just going to say a silly answer to a question then they won't choose you to answer it. If everyones knows that you spread gossip in seconds then no one will want to tell you their problems. Just remember to not be consistent with annoying things.

Whats you top tip for surviving secondary school?xox

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas: Date Day and Staying in with Friends♡

Well since tomorrow is the day dreaded for some and waited for by others, i thought i would show you a few quick and easy outfit ideas for which you don't have to buy anything new! Most of the items in these outfits most people will already own or if not then similar. They are also very basic outfits so just change anything that you don't like!
This look is for more of a casual date outfit that can be easily transformed into night with a clutch bag and dark purple lips. I have been obsessed with these types of dresses since i first saw them. I think they are so elegant and pretty but i was always sceptical about buying one because wearing a bra would completely ruin the dress. When i found this bralet in Victoria's Secret i was so pleased because it would look amazing with this dress. They are both lace material but the colours match so well that i think they would complement each other. I know in London at the moment you can't escape the rain and harsh wind so i paired the dress with a snuggly 'grandpa' cardi. I have so many of these cardigans now and if you don't have one i would recommend you buying one because i wear mine practically every day. They match everything! For the makeup and hair i wanted to keep it really flirty and feminine. No one whats to look really fake on valentines day but i really liked the idea of fluttery lashes with this outfit. These katy Perry ones are perfect because they aren't too full on but if you're like me and have no lashes, then they will give you that flirty flutter. Just to be in the spirit of valentines day i chose a red lip. I chose a lip lacquer instead of a lipstick so that it will stay all day and you won't have to worry about it smudging. Again i wanted the hair to be very flirty and feminine and theres no better way then curling your hair.

For Valentines day this year i am just having a few of my friends round and we are going to make red velvet cupcakes and have a very long gossip. Since it's just a few friends coming round i'm not coming to dress up in anything special but if you wanted to get in the festive mood this sweatshirt would be perfect. It's very casual so you could wear it to go shopping or just a girly day in like me. But the best thing about it is that you can wear it all year round! I found this phone case and fell in love. I have a serious thing for cute phones cases and i don't even have an iphone. It's like the kitties know you are all alone on Valentines day so are smiling especially for you...has this just got creepy? Instead of plain jeans i thought it would make a nice change to wear some sort of patterned jeans because the top is so basic. These ones even have little hearts on. My favourite part of this outfit has to be this bag. It's such a subtle pink that would look good with most outfits and it looks a bit metallic. I wear a really light pink lipgloss like this everyday because it looks so natural. I love this one because it reminds me of bubblegum and those heart-shaped, pink lollipops. I am well known for wearing my pyjama tops to school, I have no shame! I love this top from Forever 21 so much because it speaks the truth. I would tuck this into some mom jeans or just wear it as a long t-shirt dress with some knee socks. And who doesn't want a cute pair of fluffy slipper booties.

What are you wearing on Valentines day?xox

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Surviving February Week 2: Friends♡

1. It's okay to get 'bored' of friends. It sounds like a horrible thing to say but sometimes if you spend so much time with your friends you start it get really bored of them and annoyed at everything they do. To avoid this try not to just spend all your time with one friend, try and even it out.

2. Don't gossip for the sake of gossiping or because everyone else is. You will end up saying something you regret or really hurting someones feelings. Try and change the subject like talking about what clubs you are going to that week or what you are doing on the weekend.

3. "Forgive and Forget not Revenge and Regret" If you are in an argument just remember all the good times you have had together and how many times they have been there for you. And i think hating or ignoring someone is so much effort and it doesn't help to resolve anything.

Whats your best friend advice?xox

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Surviving February Week 1: Food and Fitness♡

Lately i have been really into getting fitter and it was one of my new years resolutions too. Since i don't like many sports, i wanted to really get into eating healthily and doing workouts and sometimes even going for a run. Here are my tips to stay motivated when trying to be healthy:
1. Question yourself when you are hungry. I commonly find myself just eating because i'm bored or just for the sake of it. Ask yourself "Am i really hungry?" "Can i wait till my next meal?" and "Can i snack on something healthier or limit the size of my snack?".

2. Only put on your plate what you want. I always tend to put too much on my plate and then feel like i have to finish it all. You can always go back for more after.

3. While working out try taking your mind off the pain by going on your phone or listening to music. I normally leave all the texting and messaging i need to do for when i workout so i have something to do. You could also look up inspirational fitness pictures or quotes. These are some of my favourite quotes:

"Suck it up now so you won't have to suck it in later."

"It's not that you can't. It's that you won't."

"Squats: the difference between having a butt and having an ass."

"The body achieves what the mind believes." 

"Nothing looks as good as healthy feels."

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

My average meal plan:

Breakfast: Seeded toast or Special K cereal with a fruit on top or banana and peanut butter sandwiches.

Lunch: Some sort of salad and 2 oranges.

Dinner: Never the healthiest meal but i always have a handful of vegetables.

Snack: Fruit and a smoothie.

My ab workout generally changes everyday but i normally choose between a few of these:
25 Crunches
25 sit ups
40 second plank
30 second spider man plank
20 double leg drops
30 single leg drops
15 reverse crunches
20 mountain climbers
30 seconds of russian twists
25 seconds of flutter kicks
25 V-crunches
20 knee sit ups

My favourite Youtube workout videos:
Full body:
More relaxed ab workout:
Lower abs:

Whats your favourite workout video?xox

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Surviving February Intro♡

Although my birthdays in February, i still think it's a bit of a depressing month. Christmas has well and truly gone, valentines day (need i say more) and it's the coldest month in the year. So i wanted to give you guys and myself a few tips and tricks that you can use to keep you motivated through this month. Each week i will give you tips on a different subject starting with food and fitness then going on to talking about friends, teachers and school and work and organisation. As you can tell these posts will be mainly aimed at my more younger teenage readers.

Hope you enjoy...

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