Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Surviving February: School Work and Organisation♡

I find it really difficult to get all my work done in time, be really organised and still have time to do everything else. So here are the tips that help me get through school work and being organised.

1. Prepare for projects and revision sessions.When i get a arty project as homework i always plan it and then list the materials that i need to buy/use. This just makes it easier so that when i come to actually doing it, all the things i need are set out and ready and it is basically done already. When revising for a test ask your teacher or make your own revision list. Basically everything that is going to be in the test. So then if you don't understand one topic that you studied you can highlight it on your list and go over it again or ask for help with it. So then you can go up to your teacher and instead of saying "I need help with revising for the test" you can say "I need help with finding the area of a circle."

2. Do it with a friend. I find revising way more fun if i have a friend. Also if one of you doesn't understand something then the other can explain it. Everything sounds easier if it's your best friend teaching it to you. Also if you have lots of lovely snacks like crisps and sweets then that's a bonus!

3. Plan out your day. It makes everything 10 times easier and it means you get everything done.
I already have my day today planned:
-Watch Call the midwife on Iplayer
-Write 3 blog post (i know, i'm such an organised blogger!)
-Read my school book
-Prepare cookie ingredient and put the mixture in the fridge
-While they are setting in the fridge do my saxophone practise
-Finish making cookies and put them in the oven
-Workout time!
-Revise for maths test, pack my bags for Leeds and do other bits and bobs like that.

4. Rewards! I always reward myself by watching a Youtube video after i have finished a blog post or after writing a long paragraph refreshing my Instagram or Snapchat inbox. If you are doing something really difficult like a practise test or an essay then i would recommend using food. Giving yourself one Maltesers after each paragraph or question and three after each page. But don't do this if you are writing a one hundred page book.

Do you ever revise with your friends?xox

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