Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Surviving February: Teachers and School♡

I know so many people that love school and a few who hate it. I'm a bit in between because sometimes i love school and sometimes i can't stand it and just want to stay in bed all day eating Rice Crispies. Especially in the Winter time i find it really difficult to stay motivated and concentrated. Here are my 3 top tips on surviving school.

1. If a teacher is really annoying you just take a deep breath. There is no reason fighting back because all that is going to happen is you will get in trouble- there is no benefit from it. What probably annoys me most about teachers is that they think they are 10 times better then everyone and 10 times more important and they always get everything right. Obviously, they are teachers and they do have some control over us and we need to accept that. If a teacher does this then instead of making a huge thing about it, just ask yourself "Is there any reason in getting myself in trouble when I'm not going to win this fight anyway?"

2. Don't get into bad habits. This is pretty self explanatory. Get your bag and outfit ready the night before and always check as soon as you get home from school if you have any homework due the next day. I always forget about homework and then find it in my planner the night before and stay up till midnight finishing it off. Also if you have pack lunch then at the start of the week think of what you need to buy or what you can have for lunch on each day. Bad habits can also occur with behaviour for example constantly calling out in class: this will a. be annoying and b. be disruptive to the whole class. It can also occur in friendships like always stealing your friends food or interrupting peoples conversation.

3. Don't get a reputation. This is the same for teachers and friendships. If a teacher thinks that you are just going to say a silly answer to a question then they won't choose you to answer it. If everyones knows that you spread gossip in seconds then no one will want to tell you their problems. Just remember to not be consistent with annoying things.

Whats you top tip for surviving secondary school?xox

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