Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bow Ties

Since i am totally new to the world of blogging i haven't work out how to schedule a post. That was until i used the trusty internet to help point out that the button was right in front of my eyes! I am also buzzing with happiness because i already have 21 followers. You probably think that is very little and i know it is but considering i only started this blog on 16th February! 
As you can see this post is going to be about bow ties. I have found one bow tie for wearing around your neck, three for your hair and two necklaces. In a post before i was wearing a home-made hair bow around my hair bun and i am going to do a tutorial soon. 

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/
A lot of the items in my latest posts have included a lot of items from Etsy, this is because you can find anything on there including vintage items. I also get a sense of joy when i order something from Etsy because i am helping a small business. I have been into American Apparel twice in the last two days, i feel like to prices are way too high for what they are. I fell in love with a watermelon printed cami made out of chiffon but the price was a massive £26.00!
The image is very fuzzy but you can just make out that the bow has tiny stripes on it. I think this would look great with a loose chiffon shirt, bandeau and high waisted denim shorts. Number 2, 4 and 5 are all hair pins from Etsy. Hair bows can be used to make a ponytail more interesting or to tie back a fringe. I think Galaxy print is a big risk for some people and if you are not sure if it suits you then it is probably good to start off with a small bit of the print maybe in a bracelet or a hair bow to see if it works.
Number 3 is from Tatty Devine which is one of my favourite places for statement jewellery. Tatty Devine and Urban outfitters are the same in the fact that they are both hit and miss shops. Sometimes i find things that really suit me but sometimes i don't and sometimes i find something that is a good deal but sometimes i don't.
I hope you enjoyed this and please tell me what you think and what posts i should do.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Braces: Black and Pink

In the post i am basically going to show you an outfit i made using a skirt with braces (suspenders). You have probably guessed by now that my new arrangement is to use the title of my blog for posts. For this post i am going to show you an outfit i put together using a skirt with braces on. I decided on pink to go with it because there wasn't enough colour and the skirt is quite long so it would have look very very black.   

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

I tried really hard to find the link for the hair slides but i just couldn't find them but i know they are from Asos.
For this outfit i have added make up because i felt that the lips, nails, hair clips, bag and cardi should all co-ordinate in some way. I chose these hair pins because if you didn't want the hair clips to look similar then you could use the gold or pearl ones and you can reuse them for a messy bun look. For a day time look i thought that you could wear white pumps and a set of pearl bracelets. If you were thinking of wearing this look on a night out you may choose to wear it with simple heals and a clutch bag. Personally, i think that the satchel is too casual for a night out and if you are wanting to get your purse or phone out quickly then satchels aren't ideal. I really like this top because of it's hieroglyphics print. I have never seen a hieroglyphics print on a high street brand before so i was really excited to see this and it has a gorgeous high neck. I really want to try out hieroglyphics on my nails but am super terrible at nail art. I chose the lip gloss because i think the look is really girly so doesn't need bold lips but they would look nice in a darker pink with a little shimmer to it. I really like hats like these because they are really easy to dress casually but also really easy to dress up. If you were going to a festival you could wrap a ribbon around it.

Please tell me what you think about this post and tell me if there is any post you would really like me to do.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Boys: Henry Holland

This is my first post of the whole new arrangement and i am really excited for you to read it! Please please tell me what you think about it. This might not be your cup of tea but just try it out!
In posts titled Boys:........ i will be talking about a male designer or photographer or makeup artist or singer or just anyone i like.
For my first choice i decided on Henry Holland because his clothes are really quirky and show off peoples personality and make you look really bold. I think he is a really interesting man and he knows what he is doing. His clothes are basically exactly what i am liking at the moment. Henry is very famous for his bold logo t-shirts and his patterned tights. I don't really find his t-shirts that humorous and find them a bit try hard and rude. I don't think the tights are anything special and are a bit basic and are too expensive for what they are. I have chosen a few pieces from his collection. 

Image 1 of House of Holland Long Sleeve Blouse in Pom Pom SpotImage 1 of House of Holland Denim Jacket with Polka Dot Print
Polka Dot Denim ShortNeon Stripe SkirtTie Dye Denim Shorts
I am really liking silk shirts at the moment and think this one is gorgeous. Again it is polka dot but it has little monsters and faces on it and they are super cute. I haven't decided if denim jackets suit me but i think this would look great with a massive floral head piece and a white dip hem skirt. I have chosen one t-shirt because i wanted to show you what they look like. This is the only one that i would be seen out in but i wouldn't ever buy it. It has a huge logo in the corner and i'm sure it wouldeither too tight or baggy on me. I love every part of the forth picture except the shoes. The make-up is amazing!! You can't see it very clearly but you can see that the eyeshadow is a beautiful tanned and gold colour going up to the brow. I am going to DIY a jewelled beanie soon because i think they look nice and classy. Stripes and lace are in and they look amazing together. These shorts are the same material as the jacket. I love the cut-off effect too. The next two outfits are my favourite. The first one gave me a really good DIY idea to put bobble ribbons on the seams of a white shirt. I really like the diagonal stripes on the skirt and loving the orange. I love to wear shorts but don't know which suit me. I really love these because of the tatty effect and the pastel colours!

Please tell me if you like this post and want me to do more.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Would you wear..............Polka Dot Jeans?

I have got a little too excited about Easter and Spring; i'm currently eating my Lindt Easter egg! 
Lately i have been really busy lying in bed and watching t.v because i have been very ill all week. I have also made some promises to do a few posts and i am going to get round to them very very soon! 
My blog has had a little change around and i need to ask you a little favour! 
The little change around is that now i am going to have 3 posts a week that are set. I am not promising what days i will post them but hopefully you will like them. It will start next week and i may post more extra posts if i have good ideas and time.
As most of you will probably know Company and New Look are holding a Style Blogger Award for 2013. I was really excited to see all the winners but then i saw that i could enter because there is an "Best Teen Fashion Blog (under 18)" category! I nominated myself straight away, but i need more votes. It would mean the world to me if anyone would vote for me! You can vote for me here
Please tell me if you have voted for me so i can thank you!
The real point in this post is to talk about Polka Dot Jeans.
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/
I think most people have realised that a new trend is brewing in the fashion world. I am really not a fan of printed jeans because i have no idea what to wear them with and i normally resolve in just wearing a black vest and black cardi which makes me look really dull. I am a massive lover of polka dots and i think they really suit me. For this post i have stuck with blue because i really don't like black polka dot jeans because i think they are too plain and aren't as fun as polka dots should be! My absolute  favourite has to be number 1 from Zara. I don't generally shop from Zara because if the high prices but found these and thought they were quite a bargain for Zara. I prefer light jeans and i wear them more often then dark. I love that they look a bit tatty and are darker at the seams. I am not too keen of the shape of number 2 because they seem like they are supposed to be skinny jeans but don't fit well at the calf. Some people prefer little dots so i thought i would put it up here as a change. They are also a huge bargain at only £10.00! Number 3 is also a bit different from the others because the colour is much much bright then the others. Another trend this season is luminous jeans, so you will be hitting two birds with one stone. Number 4 and 8 are really similar in the fact that they are both quite dark blues. I don't have much to say on these because they are really simple. I am really into metallics lately but am a little afraid to try them because i'm not sure what shade would suit me, if you are in the same position then why not true these jeans? The dots are larger which means the trousers would be the biggest statement piece in your outfit. The dots are a metallic silver/blue. Number 8 is really similar to number 5 in the fact that the dots are a lighter shade of blue. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment if you enjoyed it or would like to recommend me doing a different post.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Asos Marketplace

While wrinting this post i am feeling very droopy and sad because i was a very dry cough and it is tickling my throat an lungs :(.
I sure most of you know about Asos and some of you may also know about the Asos Marketplace. 
Asos Marketplace is basically where little businesses or just people wanting to sell clothes, shoes and accessories. It is basically in between Ebay and Etsy because Etsy is more for businesses and new items and Ebay is more for people wanted to flog their unwanted things that are most likely used.
    A lot of items in the Asos Marketplace are vintage and some designer. I was very surprised to see that you can sell things from other shops like H&M! This really surprised me because you would have thought that they don't want to promote other shops. I have chosen a little find (not in a collage). I haven't had a proper look because i am trying to steer myself way from internet shopping!


These are spotty dotty dungarees! I really love dungarees but i'm not very sure if floppy, baggy dungarees would suit me. The only dungarees i own are light denim and i really love them. In the summer i am basically addicted to them because i can wear them with anything even a nice top and tights to a party. I really like these ones because they have space at the side so you can see a little of the top underneath. I also like that they flare out and the waist is tucked in. I had a little idea........what about wearing a luminous pink or orange jumper underneath!       
This is a view from the back. I like that is has a cross. That gives a real vintage effect. 

Tomorrow i may be bound to my bed (.........and laptop) and shall be listing a post on how to cook a little something something and maybe a few reviews as promised. 
Love Pineapples!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Urban Outfitter Finds

I GIVE UP! I can't survive without my collages! 
Glad i've cleared the air........
This little post is going to be about my Urban Outfitter finds. Later today i will be doing a few reviews on products i like. Me and my mum really love Urban Outfitters and every time we see it we go inside. But the prices are too high! I am super sad because the last time i went into there i found a really nice top which was black and the material had safety pins printed on. I decided not to buy it because it was pricy and i brought a long jumper instead. I wanted to see if the price had gone down on the top but now i can't find it on the website!!!! It was around £30.00 and it was made from a very thin material and had a zip at the back. If anyone finds the link please send it to me on any on my social media sites or comment below and i will give you a shout out if you find it.
Anyway.............please read on to see my Urban Outfitter Finds!
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

I found a pair of leggings like this before in Camden market and i really loved them. These are really similar but have lighter shades. The only worry i have is that they might show my knickers because they are so light! 
I thought this cometic purse was very cheap for Urban Outfitters! They also have this in lots of different colours but i chose this one because i like that the main 2 colours are really simple but the pattern is compliated. 
I nearly brought these socks before but because of the sheer price of them i decided not to. They are £8.00 for one pair of comical socks!!!!! I have nothing else to say except they are really cute.
I have a little obsession with spots and dots because they make everyone smile! This jacket is crazy expensive but i love how they look with the shorts and trainers. 
Pug Life and Pugs not Drugs! Master Piece! I don't wear logo t-shirts because they don't suit me but i love these! I find some logo t-shirts really stupid and the jokes are forced but these t-shirts are just generally funny!
We all have those days when you don't know what to do with your hair and its just not doing what its told. We are just forced to put it in a messy ponytail or messy bun. I really like the idea of putting spikes around your bun/ponytail and also the scrunches in adorable patterns. They make your hair look like it's supposed to look a bit messy but also unique! 
Again, here is another jewellery hanger. I think i like this one a bit more because it has more space for earrings and looks a bit tattier and not as smart.

Have fun in everything you do

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pastel Trend

I am getting a little obsessed with making these collages but this will be a last one for a long time (well maybe not a long time.........1day). This post is a little different because it isn't just about clothes it is also other things (as you can see)!
Also i'm am going to share some news..........I MIGHT BE GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!
I am too excited i can't sit still and to top it off this summer i will be getting my hair dyed and highlights!
Just to say i haven't been sponsored to mention anyone or anything.
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/
Pastel is one of those trends that never leaves. It comes back every spring and everyone owns a pastel item. The main colours for me are the light pinks ,blues ,oranges/yellows and creams. In the other seasons i don't seem to wear pastels. I think it is because in the Winter i wear dark colours (and hibernate in a chunky snood), in the Summer i go all out with the bright colours and in the Autumn i go with darker shades of pink, blue and purple. I am a floral child and i wear flowers all year round and have done since i was tiny and the Spring is when i get to show it off the most.
I have mentioned before that my old house is being done up which means i get a new bedroom. The colours are light blue and pink. I am a little obsessed with jewellery but it always gets tangled and i have nowhere to put it. I saw a very similar hanger in Claire's and it was about £15.00 or over!!! I waited for it to go on sale but it never did. When i saw this i was over the moon because it is basically the same but cheaper and a little nicer. It is nicer because it has more detail.
For this post i have chosen two skirts, they both have a vintage look to them and include white. I would wear the white petticoat with cycling shorts and a vest and a cute cardi to match the shorts. I don't own much yellow which is a shame because it really matches my skin colour and i ownd a yellow cardi before and i wore it all the time. Again i would wear it with a vest and a cute cardi.
I have a lot of pictures and i don't like to keep them in a photo album because it makes them dusty and curls them. I really like this frame because it is plain but also complicated because of it's chunky effect. And you could always add buttons or paint it.
I believe everyone should have a set of pens or just the one pen that makes them happy when they write.
I so in love with these hair clips and i don't think i can live without them for much longer. I like that they aren't plastic and perfect but they are a little cracked so it looks like the sweets have either been sucked or left them in the packet too lone. They look so real that i might eat them!
I wasn't sure about these shoes the first time but when i looked closer i fell i love. They have little holes in and i really like buckle and the T-bar. I don't generally wear trainers when the sun is out but for people that do i like it when they wear it with the frilly socks! It makes clunky trainers look light and sweet.
I have been looking at these nail polishes for a long time and i love them. Nails are one of my favourite part of the pastel trend.

I hope this post has helped you realise that it's not only Chanel that can get away with making the pastel trend look fabulous.
Stay Happy!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to Style Baggy Jeans

I really love baggy jeans because they make a outfit look really casual but i find it really hard to find what to wear them with. I also thought they could be quite dressy if you wear them right.
I have not been payed or told to mention anything.

Sequin Cat T-shirt: I really like that it is a fun design t-shirt but it also has a bit of bling and sparkle. You could wear on a night out with a studded clutch and skinny jeans.
Rope Hoop Earrings: This is one of my favourite items. Because of it's rope effect, it makes it different to the normal hoop. It is both dressy and casual.
Stripe Denim Backpack: Because the outfit it colourful, i thought that it would look nice if the bag and the tops colours match.
Pale Pink Vans: I really love Vans because of there think sole. When i saw this colour i was immediately in love. The twill lace just tops it all off. Some people think that the sole is too big so it makes them look clunky but this colour makes them look elegant and sophisticated.
Light Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: I love most boyfriend jeans but i find some make people hips look too big (i have nothing against big hips it's when there hips aren't in proportion with the rest of the body because the trousers aren't the right shape for them). Theses ones also have a high waist and a washed and ripped effect.
Two Colour Sunglasses: I chose these glasses to add a little colour to the look. I own clear sunglasses too and they make my face look slimmer for some reason. The round shape adds a more defining look and the yellow matches most outfits!          

Light Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: For this look i decided on the same jeans because i wanted to prove they can look as tatty as you like but still look elegant.
Essie Nail Polish in Licorice: The nail colour is simple because the outfit is a 3-tone look; I didn't want to overflow it with colours so i decided on a plain black. This way they will stand out but also blend in.
Posh Messy Bun (tutorial): I am really obsessed with Luxy Hair (the You Tubers who do hair tutorials). I really like them because they don't tell you to use all these fancy gels and waxes. They normally just say: a hairband, bobby pins, brush and sometimes hairspray. If you don't like the tutorial i have chosen please look at the other Luxy Hair videos. I really like the messy bun for a casual look but when you want it to be more sophisticated then lower the bun and maybe add a jewelled head piece.
Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: These add effect to the face and match the shoes and nails.
Ohana Silver Bangle: I wanted to add one accessorie to the outfit so it didn't look too bare, i decided on a plain and simple silver bracelet. Ohana means family (from Lilo and Stitch).
Black and White Shopper Bag: I'm very sorry there is no link. I tried and tried to find it but i couldn't. It is either from Asos or Topshop. It matches the jacket really well because the jacket has black and white ditsy print, the bag brings out the colours.
Red Ditsy Print Blazer: This is the main piece of this outfit. It makes the whole look classy. It is also loose which makes it easy to get around and thin so not too hot in the summer. The website says it is red but it has a bit of a orange look.
Cream open Back Peplum: I love peplums because they slim everyone and it shows off there curves. This peplum has a open back which really excites me because my back and shoulders are my favourite part of my body and peplums are my new favorite style.
Black Ankle Strap Heels: The shoes join together the nails, bag and sunglasses. I love boyfriend jeans with heals but sometimes you can't see the heels so i thought the strap would make them more visible.

I hope this post has been really helpful and given you some ideas.
Please email me and comment and tweet me.
Be Happy

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Morning Routine

This post is going to be about my very basic morning routine and what i think about the products. 
The products aren't just make up some are other items.
Really sorry about the terrible pictures!
I hope you enjoy this and it helps you.
Garnier pur Active Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash) Under £4.00
This product is amazing. It really refreshes your skin without making it feel exhausted and like the life has been sucked out of it. After using it for just a little while my face started to get less and less blackheads and my pores on my nose started to be less visible. I haven't had a blackhead in ages but on the down side the small ones i had before aren't leaving but my pores are hardly visibly now! I are not very sure of the price but it was definitely under £4.00 and might even have been under £3.00 which is a amazing deal It does have micro-beads (the chunky thing in face and body washes). I really don't like when body washes have beads because it feels like it is making more dirt on me and is scratches my skin. But unusually i quite like it on my face! I don't know how else to describe it but it just smells..................FRESH.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Spot Wand £3.56
This spot wand is split into 2 sections, one to put on for the night and the other for the day. You just apply it too your spots. I really like that you don't have to put the cream (it isn't really a cream it is more of a liquid substance)  on your finger because that really annoys me on spot treatment because the dirt and germs on my finger are going on my spot and making it worse and also there is always some left on your hands and if you are putting it on in the middle of the hallway in a busy school, where are you supposed to wash your hands. The applicator is basically a lipgloss brush. It is also really great that the cream is tranparent. The picture is very fuzzy but you can just about make out that one side is darker then the other, the darker side is for the night. When i applied the night cream i was expecting it to be a bit white but it was completely clear. I really like that i can see how much is left in the bottle. I just like to see how much i have left! In terms of if it works, i am really really not that sure! I actually have got a few new spots but i'm not sure if thats because i have been using too much concealer or because my skin had 2 allergic reactions to my moisturisers or because my face masks are irritating my skin. This product hasn't really helped with my 3 massive spots. I think it hasn't really helped my skin so i am going to try and buy a new spot treatment thats about double it's price and a make like Freederm or Garnier.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Concealer £4.59
This is my favourite product at the moment. I really wanted a concealer that would hide my spots, red marks and blemishes but at the same time i didn't want it to give me more spots and make my skin really bad. So when i found this i was super excited because it isn't bad for your skin and it actually helps my spots and blackheads. It matches my skin colour really easily and if my skin is very pale on one day then i just rub it in more and it looks un-noticable. It isn't a cream it's a stick-crayon-thingy. It completely hides my makes and i mean COMPLETELY! Right now i have a MASSIVE spot on my forehead and it's gone all red and 'orrible and it is completely covered up and also my blackheads around my nose are hidden too. The down side is that by the end of the day it has come off but that's probably because i am a teen girl and our school gets very hot and i am rushing from class to class and i should probably put more on at lunch. It also helps me to get rid of black heads because it creates a invisible layer which makes them easier to POP!

Collection 2000 Colour Last Clear 11 Around £1.99
I really like this product, a lot because of the packaging but also the product is amazing. I really like the packaging because it is just plain simple. Again you can see inside and see how much is left and it isn't full of writing in fancy fonts and colours, it is just plain: says what it is and says what it does. The mascara itself is really good and lasts for a very long time. When i am having a horrible day and i look horrible i like to put on clear mascara AND black mascara but on days i am feeling a bit nicer i like to put just clear on so i am not harming my eyes too much for no reason. I rub my eyes a lot for some reason and forget that i have mascara on also i am in a school and as i said before) it gets hot and sweaty and i'm running around but it still seems to stay on.

Eyelash Curlers FREE
This is just a very plain, EASY TO USE eyelash curler. It was given to me by a friend who got given it herself but had no use for it. I love how eyelash curlers make your eyes look bigger and bolder. My eyelashes are very small so sometimes it pinches and makes my eyes water especially on my left eye.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Black Mascara £6.29
I also really like the packaging on this because it is black and has a red lip and a little red and white bow on it. The applicator is really useful because it has a slight curl which makes it easier to put on. TIP: if you have a curled mascara applicator, use the other side to do your bottom lashes. It has one of those de-clumper things when you pull out the applicator which really helps. I do get a few clumps but only small and i can normally brush them out. When i take out the applicator it always comes out with clumps of mascara on the tip of the applicator which is really annoying but i think that might happen to every mascara. 

Rimmel london Stay Glossy in Plum Rocks Lip Gloss £6.29
I really love this lip gloss because it is dark and has a slight bit of sparkle to it. It is quite DARK so i don't wear it even day. The applicator is really soft and a good, flat shape. It smells wonderful. Sometimes i will put a tiny, tiny bit on and blend it in but i normally wear it with my vintage clothes.
Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition in Fuchsia Graffiti £5.99 
If i just heard the name without seeing the colour i would think it was really bright and ELECTRIC but a little bit darker at the same time because fuchsia can be dark. It is exactly what i thought: bright but a little dark at the same time. 
Seventeen Lip Liner in Valentine £2.59
I not quite sure if you are supposed to put lip liner on all of your lips but thats just what i do! It is dry so i have to put VASELINE on top which i don't mind and is actually good because my lips get very dry and i can't wear Vaseline when i am wearing lipstick or gloss. This colour matches everything ad makes my lips look fuller.
Natural Collection Moisture shine Lipstick in Pink Orchid Around £1.99
This product is really really poor. It feels like something a little girl would get in a magazine. It makes my lips dry and it looks terrible. The colour is boring when i thought it was going to be bright but turned out dull.
Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick in Cherry pop £2.99
This was one of my first proper piece of make up that i had brought with my own money and it has last for ages. It is just simple red lipstick in a black case with a basic pink design on the top. This lasts the longest out of all the lipsticks. It stays on for ages and moisturises my lips.

Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (and brush) in Dark Brown £2.99
I don't really use this much but when i want to i only use a tiny bit to add a tiny bit of extra to my look. I think this is too dark for me so i will buy the little shade next time. My eye brows take a lot of care and i basically need to PLUCK them everyday but i don't.   

Nike Suede Blazers in Grey £70.00
This picture was kind of to fill up a gap but i would have told you about them anyway! My heals hurt if i stand still for too long and these shoes help because they are so COMFY!! I am a girl that likes to go bold on everything but this time i decided i wanted normal colours shoes to match with everything.

I really hope this has helped you make some choses or informed you well. I might do a post soon showing what all these items look like on me soon. This post took me a long time to write so i hope you like it!

You are amazing!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crazy Facts about Me...

I am listening to Ben Howard singing Call Me Maybe and Tulisa singing Titanium.
This is going to be another facts about me post but the facts are going to be my really weird and crazy facts.
Well............lets begin!

1. I am TERRIFIED of turkeys (but i still eat them)

2. I basically mis-spell every word that has more then 3 letters

3. I prefer bronze to silver and gold, for some weird reason

4. I have a cat and want a dog

5. I get very dry lips

6. I like to think i am a unicorn when i am upset

7. I can balance spoons on my nose

8. My laugh changes ALL the time (sometimes i'm squeaky and sometimes i'm deep)

9. My room used to be tidy (in my old house) because i never went in it (it was at the top of the house - too far to walk) but now (in my flat) it is super messy

10. I'm addicted to pineapple juice

11. Me and my dad are in a constant fight over which supermarket is the best

12. I sing really load on the loo and in the shower

13. I love it when someone lies to you and you know straight away they are lying

14. I sing while brushing my teeth

15. I am a MASSIVE Scaredy-cat

You probably think i'm really weird and want to stay away from me but it's good to be weird! 
 By the way do you like my new blog design?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Have you missed me...

I haven't posted on my for ages, so i'm going to make this a good post!
It is just going to be about all the little (and big) things going on in my life.
I am listening to the sound of the very annoying radio.
I recently found out about PicMonkey and it is really helpful.
From left to right! 1. My new center parting 2. A new hairstyle: plait with fridge 3. Twister hairstyle 4. A homemade bow (tutorial soon) and a topknot
5. My new concealer which does wonders to help my spots and hide my horrible bits 6. My bedroom in my old house (it is being redone) Pink and blue
7. My facial wash that has stopped me from getting blackheads 8. A Red Bull Mini 9. Fire!!! 10. A birthday present from my lovely cousins 
11. My new, grey nike blazers 12.My new spotty dress with black collar 13. First leather jacket i have ever liked 14. Another lovely present from my cousins
15. The chef in a very nice restaurant 16. My walk in wardrobe 17. One od me (new) favourite dishes 16. Fire!!!
Also just to let you know i am going to start advertising on peoples blogs so hopefully i will get more followers!!
Enjoy everything!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

New News

This is going to be a tiny-weeny-itsy-bitsy post, 
I just wanted to say a ENORMOUS thank you to Jessa at Caked Designs.
She did a amazing job on my blog (as you can see) and all at a very VERY low price!
My posts are going to be a bit different from now on.
They are going to be more about fashion,photography and beauty and less about my boring life.
Some times i will do the odd post on just about anything random in my crazy little mind.
I am also going to do some DIY's and craft posts.
I will also do some reviews on my new or old things and will be showing you all of my new things.
I can currently saving all my money for trips to vintage shops because it is nearly Spring which means time for dresses, skirts, cute cardigans and little handbags. I am also going to be a jewellery and accessorie mad because it's the perfect weather for spiffing statement necklaces and small little silver bracelets.
I think i might go on a litte protest to get ModCloths to come to the U.K because there stuff is totally vintage and really......................just AMAZING!!!!!!!
I also want to start to look after my body more. So eating less chocolate fingers and more avocados. 
I am also going to get back into cycling and doing stretches everyday. In the Winter i never want to do anything because it's a time for eating and getting fat because you don't have to wear bikinis and you can hide your greasy/spotty or dry/crusty face under gorgeous infinity scarves/snoods.
I live in London and i don't really know of many vintage shops. Please could everyone email me some good shops.
I am also going to look after my skin more and am going to go to lush and spend a long long time in there and maybe try some testers!
I will be putting more and more pictures up of my new items i have brought and things i have reviewed and more pictures of fashion/beauty and the outside world because it's getting warmer i can go out without dying.
I will also go back to blonde which is a nice bright happy colour!
happy ever afters are real 

Exciting News!!!!!!!

I am super-duper excited because i am getting a new blog design, a about me photo design and blog signature design. I am buying them from Etsy made my the lovely Jessa at Caked Vintage. Her Etsy name is CakedDesigns.
And I am also buying Social media Buttons made by BossPigeonCreative.
I am also going to try and get a ad on a blog.
I am also really exited because my hair has grown really long last night!
AND i might be going back to my blonde hair today!!!! 
I'm too excited i can't keep still!
 Excited Face^
I've never had a blog design done so it might take a day or a week or even a few minutes.
There is a man on the radio making me sad because he was nearly killed by a shark. 
Love Yourself 

Saturday, 2 March 2013


I have just realised that all but blog posts have been mostly picture and i thought i should do a post that is just writing of whatever comes to mind. Which probably means i will start of talking about one thing and then drift into another. 
I not sure if you are going to like this post but i will just go ahead and write it.

I'm going to start of with talking about the saxophone. I play the saxophone and have done for about 4 years. When i started out wanting to play a instrument i couldn't decide between a flute and a saxophone. I like to be a bit different and since A LOT of people played the flute at my school, so i decided on the saxophone. I thought the saxophone was more me because it was jazzy and the flute was too quiet and if you know me then you know i am not a quiet person. If you play it you will know you need a lot of puff to be able to get a sound into it especially when you start off. As i got older i started to get very dizzy when i played saxophone. This would generally happen when i played the very high notes because they are much harder to play. I also started to get really hot when i played, i knew before that i would get dizzy if i was hot. I would even get hot in the winter. I never told anyone until it got really bad. I knew it got really bad when i got very shaky, couldn't stand up and my vision started going funny. Now i take it easy and don't play high notes as full on as i did before. I also have to sit down and have the windows open. I always get a bit nervous before my lessons because it might happen again but i'll live. If this happens to you please tell a parent/guardian or your teacher.

I really don't like people asking me if they are my best friend. It makes the situation awkward and i never know what to say. If they are my best friend then they should know. I tell my best friends everything and they tell me everything. A lot of my best friends aren't in my school which sometimes i like because you don't want them around you all the time but sometimes when your feeling sad you just want to talk to them. We aren't allowed our phones at school so we can't give them a call.

I LOVE Dusty Spingfield's clothes. They are just so glitz and glam but not too much. They are really elegant and they hang down so well and fit her well. I really love that she wears very long dresses in beautiful colours and the waist line/band is below her breasts.

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