Friday, 8 March 2013

Have you missed me...

I haven't posted on my for ages, so i'm going to make this a good post!
It is just going to be about all the little (and big) things going on in my life.
I am listening to the sound of the very annoying radio.
I recently found out about PicMonkey and it is really helpful.
From left to right! 1. My new center parting 2. A new hairstyle: plait with fridge 3. Twister hairstyle 4. A homemade bow (tutorial soon) and a topknot
5. My new concealer which does wonders to help my spots and hide my horrible bits 6. My bedroom in my old house (it is being redone) Pink and blue
7. My facial wash that has stopped me from getting blackheads 8. A Red Bull Mini 9. Fire!!! 10. A birthday present from my lovely cousins 
11. My new, grey nike blazers 12.My new spotty dress with black collar 13. First leather jacket i have ever liked 14. Another lovely present from my cousins
15. The chef in a very nice restaurant 16. My walk in wardrobe 17. One od me (new) favourite dishes 16. Fire!!!
Also just to let you know i am going to start advertising on peoples blogs so hopefully i will get more followers!!
Enjoy everything!

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