Sunday, 24 March 2013

Would you wear..............Polka Dot Jeans?

I have got a little too excited about Easter and Spring; i'm currently eating my Lindt Easter egg! 
Lately i have been really busy lying in bed and watching t.v because i have been very ill all week. I have also made some promises to do a few posts and i am going to get round to them very very soon! 
My blog has had a little change around and i need to ask you a little favour! 
The little change around is that now i am going to have 3 posts a week that are set. I am not promising what days i will post them but hopefully you will like them. It will start next week and i may post more extra posts if i have good ideas and time.
As most of you will probably know Company and New Look are holding a Style Blogger Award for 2013. I was really excited to see all the winners but then i saw that i could enter because there is an "Best Teen Fashion Blog (under 18)" category! I nominated myself straight away, but i need more votes. It would mean the world to me if anyone would vote for me! You can vote for me here
Please tell me if you have voted for me so i can thank you!
The real point in this post is to talk about Polka Dot Jeans.
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/
I think most people have realised that a new trend is brewing in the fashion world. I am really not a fan of printed jeans because i have no idea what to wear them with and i normally resolve in just wearing a black vest and black cardi which makes me look really dull. I am a massive lover of polka dots and i think they really suit me. For this post i have stuck with blue because i really don't like black polka dot jeans because i think they are too plain and aren't as fun as polka dots should be! My absolute  favourite has to be number 1 from Zara. I don't generally shop from Zara because if the high prices but found these and thought they were quite a bargain for Zara. I prefer light jeans and i wear them more often then dark. I love that they look a bit tatty and are darker at the seams. I am not too keen of the shape of number 2 because they seem like they are supposed to be skinny jeans but don't fit well at the calf. Some people prefer little dots so i thought i would put it up here as a change. They are also a huge bargain at only £10.00! Number 3 is also a bit different from the others because the colour is much much bright then the others. Another trend this season is luminous jeans, so you will be hitting two birds with one stone. Number 4 and 8 are really similar in the fact that they are both quite dark blues. I don't have much to say on these because they are really simple. I am really into metallics lately but am a little afraid to try them because i'm not sure what shade would suit me, if you are in the same position then why not true these jeans? The dots are larger which means the trousers would be the biggest statement piece in your outfit. The dots are a metallic silver/blue. Number 8 is really similar to number 5 in the fact that the dots are a lighter shade of blue. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment if you enjoyed it or would like to recommend me doing a different post.


  1. I just came across your blog and it's so nice and pretty! When proper Spring arrives (aka when all the snow in England disappears...) I would definitely wear polka dot jeans.

    Kathryn x

    1. Thank you!!! Tell me about it! The weather is horrible!


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