Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pastel Trend

I am getting a little obsessed with making these collages but this will be a last one for a long time (well maybe not a long time.........1day). This post is a little different because it isn't just about clothes it is also other things (as you can see)!
Also i'm am going to share some news..........I MIGHT BE GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!
I am too excited i can't sit still and to top it off this summer i will be getting my hair dyed and highlights!
Just to say i haven't been sponsored to mention anyone or anything.
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Pastel is one of those trends that never leaves. It comes back every spring and everyone owns a pastel item. The main colours for me are the light pinks ,blues ,oranges/yellows and creams. In the other seasons i don't seem to wear pastels. I think it is because in the Winter i wear dark colours (and hibernate in a chunky snood), in the Summer i go all out with the bright colours and in the Autumn i go with darker shades of pink, blue and purple. I am a floral child and i wear flowers all year round and have done since i was tiny and the Spring is when i get to show it off the most.
I have mentioned before that my old house is being done up which means i get a new bedroom. The colours are light blue and pink. I am a little obsessed with jewellery but it always gets tangled and i have nowhere to put it. I saw a very similar hanger in Claire's and it was about £15.00 or over!!! I waited for it to go on sale but it never did. When i saw this i was over the moon because it is basically the same but cheaper and a little nicer. It is nicer because it has more detail.
For this post i have chosen two skirts, they both have a vintage look to them and include white. I would wear the white petticoat with cycling shorts and a vest and a cute cardi to match the shorts. I don't own much yellow which is a shame because it really matches my skin colour and i ownd a yellow cardi before and i wore it all the time. Again i would wear it with a vest and a cute cardi.
I have a lot of pictures and i don't like to keep them in a photo album because it makes them dusty and curls them. I really like this frame because it is plain but also complicated because of it's chunky effect. And you could always add buttons or paint it.
I believe everyone should have a set of pens or just the one pen that makes them happy when they write.
I so in love with these hair clips and i don't think i can live without them for much longer. I like that they aren't plastic and perfect but they are a little cracked so it looks like the sweets have either been sucked or left them in the packet too lone. They look so real that i might eat them!
I wasn't sure about these shoes the first time but when i looked closer i fell i love. They have little holes in and i really like buckle and the T-bar. I don't generally wear trainers when the sun is out but for people that do i like it when they wear it with the frilly socks! It makes clunky trainers look light and sweet.
I have been looking at these nail polishes for a long time and i love them. Nails are one of my favourite part of the pastel trend.

I hope this post has helped you realise that it's not only Chanel that can get away with making the pastel trend look fabulous.
Stay Happy!


  1. Thankyou so much for featuring my love heart hair slides! I love your blog, I cant believe your 12! When I was 12 I was no where near as stylish as you, I was still running around in an adidas t-shirt and tracky bottoms (14 years later and im no longer rocking that look though thank god!)


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment it really made me laugh. And thank YOU for designing and making the hair clips, they are fabulous!

  2. Love you collages! Definitely want to try the BarryM nail colours
    .Georgina Clare.


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