Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to Style Baggy Jeans

I really love baggy jeans because they make a outfit look really casual but i find it really hard to find what to wear them with. I also thought they could be quite dressy if you wear them right.
I have not been payed or told to mention anything.

Sequin Cat T-shirt: I really like that it is a fun design t-shirt but it also has a bit of bling and sparkle. You could wear on a night out with a studded clutch and skinny jeans.
Rope Hoop Earrings: This is one of my favourite items. Because of it's rope effect, it makes it different to the normal hoop. It is both dressy and casual.
Stripe Denim Backpack: Because the outfit it colourful, i thought that it would look nice if the bag and the tops colours match.
Pale Pink Vans: I really love Vans because of there think sole. When i saw this colour i was immediately in love. The twill lace just tops it all off. Some people think that the sole is too big so it makes them look clunky but this colour makes them look elegant and sophisticated.
Light Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: I love most boyfriend jeans but i find some make people hips look too big (i have nothing against big hips it's when there hips aren't in proportion with the rest of the body because the trousers aren't the right shape for them). Theses ones also have a high waist and a washed and ripped effect.
Two Colour Sunglasses: I chose these glasses to add a little colour to the look. I own clear sunglasses too and they make my face look slimmer for some reason. The round shape adds a more defining look and the yellow matches most outfits!          

Light Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: For this look i decided on the same jeans because i wanted to prove they can look as tatty as you like but still look elegant.
Essie Nail Polish in Licorice: The nail colour is simple because the outfit is a 3-tone look; I didn't want to overflow it with colours so i decided on a plain black. This way they will stand out but also blend in.
Posh Messy Bun (tutorial): I am really obsessed with Luxy Hair (the You Tubers who do hair tutorials). I really like them because they don't tell you to use all these fancy gels and waxes. They normally just say: a hairband, bobby pins, brush and sometimes hairspray. If you don't like the tutorial i have chosen please look at the other Luxy Hair videos. I really like the messy bun for a casual look but when you want it to be more sophisticated then lower the bun and maybe add a jewelled head piece.
Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: These add effect to the face and match the shoes and nails.
Ohana Silver Bangle: I wanted to add one accessorie to the outfit so it didn't look too bare, i decided on a plain and simple silver bracelet. Ohana means family (from Lilo and Stitch).
Black and White Shopper Bag: I'm very sorry there is no link. I tried and tried to find it but i couldn't. It is either from Asos or Topshop. It matches the jacket really well because the jacket has black and white ditsy print, the bag brings out the colours.
Red Ditsy Print Blazer: This is the main piece of this outfit. It makes the whole look classy. It is also loose which makes it easy to get around and thin so not too hot in the summer. The website says it is red but it has a bit of a orange look.
Cream open Back Peplum: I love peplums because they slim everyone and it shows off there curves. This peplum has a open back which really excites me because my back and shoulders are my favourite part of my body and peplums are my new favorite style.
Black Ankle Strap Heels: The shoes join together the nails, bag and sunglasses. I love boyfriend jeans with heals but sometimes you can't see the heels so i thought the strap would make them more visible.

I hope this post has been really helpful and given you some ideas.
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  1. Love the first outfit, don't think I could pull it off though!
    .Georgina Clare.

    1. You could try wearing it with skinny jeans.
      I went on your blog and i can't work out how to follow you.


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