Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crazy Facts about Me...

I am listening to Ben Howard singing Call Me Maybe and Tulisa singing Titanium.
This is going to be another facts about me post but the facts are going to be my really weird and crazy facts.
Well............lets begin!

1. I am TERRIFIED of turkeys (but i still eat them)

2. I basically mis-spell every word that has more then 3 letters

3. I prefer bronze to silver and gold, for some weird reason

4. I have a cat and want a dog

5. I get very dry lips

6. I like to think i am a unicorn when i am upset

7. I can balance spoons on my nose

8. My laugh changes ALL the time (sometimes i'm squeaky and sometimes i'm deep)

9. My room used to be tidy (in my old house) because i never went in it (it was at the top of the house - too far to walk) but now (in my flat) it is super messy

10. I'm addicted to pineapple juice

11. Me and my dad are in a constant fight over which supermarket is the best

12. I sing really load on the loo and in the shower

13. I love it when someone lies to you and you know straight away they are lying

14. I sing while brushing my teeth

15. I am a MASSIVE Scaredy-cat

You probably think i'm really weird and want to stay away from me but it's good to be weird! 
 By the way do you like my new blog design?

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