Saturday, 2 March 2013


I have just realised that all but blog posts have been mostly picture and i thought i should do a post that is just writing of whatever comes to mind. Which probably means i will start of talking about one thing and then drift into another. 
I not sure if you are going to like this post but i will just go ahead and write it.

I'm going to start of with talking about the saxophone. I play the saxophone and have done for about 4 years. When i started out wanting to play a instrument i couldn't decide between a flute and a saxophone. I like to be a bit different and since A LOT of people played the flute at my school, so i decided on the saxophone. I thought the saxophone was more me because it was jazzy and the flute was too quiet and if you know me then you know i am not a quiet person. If you play it you will know you need a lot of puff to be able to get a sound into it especially when you start off. As i got older i started to get very dizzy when i played saxophone. This would generally happen when i played the very high notes because they are much harder to play. I also started to get really hot when i played, i knew before that i would get dizzy if i was hot. I would even get hot in the winter. I never told anyone until it got really bad. I knew it got really bad when i got very shaky, couldn't stand up and my vision started going funny. Now i take it easy and don't play high notes as full on as i did before. I also have to sit down and have the windows open. I always get a bit nervous before my lessons because it might happen again but i'll live. If this happens to you please tell a parent/guardian or your teacher.

I really don't like people asking me if they are my best friend. It makes the situation awkward and i never know what to say. If they are my best friend then they should know. I tell my best friends everything and they tell me everything. A lot of my best friends aren't in my school which sometimes i like because you don't want them around you all the time but sometimes when your feeling sad you just want to talk to them. We aren't allowed our phones at school so we can't give them a call.

I LOVE Dusty Spingfield's clothes. They are just so glitz and glam but not too much. They are really elegant and they hang down so well and fit her well. I really love that she wears very long dresses in beautiful colours and the waist line/band is below her breasts.

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