Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Morning Routine

This post is going to be about my very basic morning routine and what i think about the products. 
The products aren't just make up some are other items.
Really sorry about the terrible pictures!
I hope you enjoy this and it helps you.
Garnier pur Active Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash) Under £4.00
This product is amazing. It really refreshes your skin without making it feel exhausted and like the life has been sucked out of it. After using it for just a little while my face started to get less and less blackheads and my pores on my nose started to be less visible. I haven't had a blackhead in ages but on the down side the small ones i had before aren't leaving but my pores are hardly visibly now! I are not very sure of the price but it was definitely under £4.00 and might even have been under £3.00 which is a amazing deal It does have micro-beads (the chunky thing in face and body washes). I really don't like when body washes have beads because it feels like it is making more dirt on me and is scratches my skin. But unusually i quite like it on my face! I don't know how else to describe it but it just smells..................FRESH.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Spot Wand £3.56
This spot wand is split into 2 sections, one to put on for the night and the other for the day. You just apply it too your spots. I really like that you don't have to put the cream (it isn't really a cream it is more of a liquid substance)  on your finger because that really annoys me on spot treatment because the dirt and germs on my finger are going on my spot and making it worse and also there is always some left on your hands and if you are putting it on in the middle of the hallway in a busy school, where are you supposed to wash your hands. The applicator is basically a lipgloss brush. It is also really great that the cream is tranparent. The picture is very fuzzy but you can just about make out that one side is darker then the other, the darker side is for the night. When i applied the night cream i was expecting it to be a bit white but it was completely clear. I really like that i can see how much is left in the bottle. I just like to see how much i have left! In terms of if it works, i am really really not that sure! I actually have got a few new spots but i'm not sure if thats because i have been using too much concealer or because my skin had 2 allergic reactions to my moisturisers or because my face masks are irritating my skin. This product hasn't really helped with my 3 massive spots. I think it hasn't really helped my skin so i am going to try and buy a new spot treatment thats about double it's price and a make like Freederm or Garnier.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Concealer £4.59
This is my favourite product at the moment. I really wanted a concealer that would hide my spots, red marks and blemishes but at the same time i didn't want it to give me more spots and make my skin really bad. So when i found this i was super excited because it isn't bad for your skin and it actually helps my spots and blackheads. It matches my skin colour really easily and if my skin is very pale on one day then i just rub it in more and it looks un-noticable. It isn't a cream it's a stick-crayon-thingy. It completely hides my makes and i mean COMPLETELY! Right now i have a MASSIVE spot on my forehead and it's gone all red and 'orrible and it is completely covered up and also my blackheads around my nose are hidden too. The down side is that by the end of the day it has come off but that's probably because i am a teen girl and our school gets very hot and i am rushing from class to class and i should probably put more on at lunch. It also helps me to get rid of black heads because it creates a invisible layer which makes them easier to POP!

Collection 2000 Colour Last Clear 11 Around £1.99
I really like this product, a lot because of the packaging but also the product is amazing. I really like the packaging because it is just plain simple. Again you can see inside and see how much is left and it isn't full of writing in fancy fonts and colours, it is just plain: says what it is and says what it does. The mascara itself is really good and lasts for a very long time. When i am having a horrible day and i look horrible i like to put on clear mascara AND black mascara but on days i am feeling a bit nicer i like to put just clear on so i am not harming my eyes too much for no reason. I rub my eyes a lot for some reason and forget that i have mascara on also i am in a school and as i said before) it gets hot and sweaty and i'm running around but it still seems to stay on.

Eyelash Curlers FREE
This is just a very plain, EASY TO USE eyelash curler. It was given to me by a friend who got given it herself but had no use for it. I love how eyelash curlers make your eyes look bigger and bolder. My eyelashes are very small so sometimes it pinches and makes my eyes water especially on my left eye.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Black Mascara £6.29
I also really like the packaging on this because it is black and has a red lip and a little red and white bow on it. The applicator is really useful because it has a slight curl which makes it easier to put on. TIP: if you have a curled mascara applicator, use the other side to do your bottom lashes. It has one of those de-clumper things when you pull out the applicator which really helps. I do get a few clumps but only small and i can normally brush them out. When i take out the applicator it always comes out with clumps of mascara on the tip of the applicator which is really annoying but i think that might happen to every mascara. 

Rimmel london Stay Glossy in Plum Rocks Lip Gloss £6.29
I really love this lip gloss because it is dark and has a slight bit of sparkle to it. It is quite DARK so i don't wear it even day. The applicator is really soft and a good, flat shape. It smells wonderful. Sometimes i will put a tiny, tiny bit on and blend it in but i normally wear it with my vintage clothes.
Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition in Fuchsia Graffiti £5.99 
If i just heard the name without seeing the colour i would think it was really bright and ELECTRIC but a little bit darker at the same time because fuchsia can be dark. It is exactly what i thought: bright but a little dark at the same time. 
Seventeen Lip Liner in Valentine £2.59
I not quite sure if you are supposed to put lip liner on all of your lips but thats just what i do! It is dry so i have to put VASELINE on top which i don't mind and is actually good because my lips get very dry and i can't wear Vaseline when i am wearing lipstick or gloss. This colour matches everything ad makes my lips look fuller.
Natural Collection Moisture shine Lipstick in Pink Orchid Around £1.99
This product is really really poor. It feels like something a little girl would get in a magazine. It makes my lips dry and it looks terrible. The colour is boring when i thought it was going to be bright but turned out dull.
Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick in Cherry pop £2.99
This was one of my first proper piece of make up that i had brought with my own money and it has last for ages. It is just simple red lipstick in a black case with a basic pink design on the top. This lasts the longest out of all the lipsticks. It stays on for ages and moisturises my lips.

Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (and brush) in Dark Brown £2.99
I don't really use this much but when i want to i only use a tiny bit to add a tiny bit of extra to my look. I think this is too dark for me so i will buy the little shade next time. My eye brows take a lot of care and i basically need to PLUCK them everyday but i don't.   

Nike Suede Blazers in Grey £70.00
This picture was kind of to fill up a gap but i would have told you about them anyway! My heals hurt if i stand still for too long and these shoes help because they are so COMFY!! I am a girl that likes to go bold on everything but this time i decided i wanted normal colours shoes to match with everything.

I really hope this has helped you make some choses or informed you well. I might do a post soon showing what all these items look like on me soon. This post took me a long time to write so i hope you like it!

You are amazing!



  1. Great pictures! Your blog is so cute!

    .Georgina Clare.

    1. Thank you so much i will take a look at yours x

  2. I really liked this post :) I like knowing what products other people use!

    Just followed!



    1. Thank you! Your blog is great and am loving reading all your posts!


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