Sunday, 17 March 2013

Urban Outfitter Finds

I GIVE UP! I can't survive without my collages! 
Glad i've cleared the air........
This little post is going to be about my Urban Outfitter finds. Later today i will be doing a few reviews on products i like. Me and my mum really love Urban Outfitters and every time we see it we go inside. But the prices are too high! I am super sad because the last time i went into there i found a really nice top which was black and the material had safety pins printed on. I decided not to buy it because it was pricy and i brought a long jumper instead. I wanted to see if the price had gone down on the top but now i can't find it on the website!!!! It was around £30.00 and it was made from a very thin material and had a zip at the back. If anyone finds the link please send it to me on any on my social media sites or comment below and i will give you a shout out if you find it.
Anyway.............please read on to see my Urban Outfitter Finds!
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I found a pair of leggings like this before in Camden market and i really loved them. These are really similar but have lighter shades. The only worry i have is that they might show my knickers because they are so light! 
I thought this cometic purse was very cheap for Urban Outfitters! They also have this in lots of different colours but i chose this one because i like that the main 2 colours are really simple but the pattern is compliated. 
I nearly brought these socks before but because of the sheer price of them i decided not to. They are £8.00 for one pair of comical socks!!!!! I have nothing else to say except they are really cute.
I have a little obsession with spots and dots because they make everyone smile! This jacket is crazy expensive but i love how they look with the shorts and trainers. 
Pug Life and Pugs not Drugs! Master Piece! I don't wear logo t-shirts because they don't suit me but i love these! I find some logo t-shirts really stupid and the jokes are forced but these t-shirts are just generally funny!
We all have those days when you don't know what to do with your hair and its just not doing what its told. We are just forced to put it in a messy ponytail or messy bun. I really like the idea of putting spikes around your bun/ponytail and also the scrunches in adorable patterns. They make your hair look like it's supposed to look a bit messy but also unique! 
Again, here is another jewellery hanger. I think i like this one a bit more because it has more space for earrings and looks a bit tattier and not as smart.

Have fun in everything you do


  1. Hi Evie!

    I've just come across your blog after you commented on mine, and I love it! I especially like your little 'about me' section, it's really cute! Did you make it yourself?

    Megan x

    1. Hiya Megan!
      I really love your blog and am a massive fan!
      I payed for my "about me" section to be made here is the link:

  2. The pugs not drugs tee is so cute! Xx


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