Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Braces: Black and Pink

In the post i am basically going to show you an outfit i made using a skirt with braces (suspenders). You have probably guessed by now that my new arrangement is to use the title of my blog for posts. For this post i am going to show you an outfit i put together using a skirt with braces on. I decided on pink to go with it because there wasn't enough colour and the skirt is quite long so it would have look very very black.   

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I tried really hard to find the link for the hair slides but i just couldn't find them but i know they are from Asos.
For this outfit i have added make up because i felt that the lips, nails, hair clips, bag and cardi should all co-ordinate in some way. I chose these hair pins because if you didn't want the hair clips to look similar then you could use the gold or pearl ones and you can reuse them for a messy bun look. For a day time look i thought that you could wear white pumps and a set of pearl bracelets. If you were thinking of wearing this look on a night out you may choose to wear it with simple heals and a clutch bag. Personally, i think that the satchel is too casual for a night out and if you are wanting to get your purse or phone out quickly then satchels aren't ideal. I really like this top because of it's hieroglyphics print. I have never seen a hieroglyphics print on a high street brand before so i was really excited to see this and it has a gorgeous high neck. I really want to try out hieroglyphics on my nails but am super terrible at nail art. I chose the lip gloss because i think the look is really girly so doesn't need bold lips but they would look nice in a darker pink with a little shimmer to it. I really like hats like these because they are really easy to dress casually but also really easy to dress up. If you were going to a festival you could wrap a ribbon around it.

Please tell me what you think about this post and tell me if there is any post you would really like me to do.


  1. Lovely outfit, just found your blog and its lovely you have a really nice style(:

  2. pink and black goes together so so well! i love the dungarees - perfect for spring/summer :)

    1. I'm really glade you like it. Maybe you should try it.


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