Monday, 17 March 2014

School Clothing and Makeup Essentials♡

Crops tops are just a must for summer. The majority of shorts and skirts that i own are high waisted. I don't want to be wasting my day faffing about with tucking my top in. Having my top tucked in also makes me incredibly hot. Black matches with everything and i think looks quite elegant too. My favourite look is a crop top with a maxi skirt.

Depending on what your school allows, you might be able to wear Converse or Vans for P.E. I have chosen these New Balance trainers because you can get away with wearing them for P.E because they are more sport trainers than fashion trainers but you can also wear them with a cute pair of lace shorts and a crop top. This saves money as well because you don't have to buy two pairs of trainers.

I believe every girls should have a mascara that makes them feel like their eyelashes are like butterflies. I know that a lot of schools don't allow makeup to be worn so the Falsies is perfect. It's the most natural mascara i own and this one has two brushes, one for top and one for bottom. If you wanted a really natural look you could use a small layer of the lower lash mascara on your top lashes.

I literally have nothing to say about black leggings except if you don't have a pair, how do you survive?

I sometimes get really awful spots that are so red and visible that they look like little strawberries on my face. I am also prone to getting dry skin around them. I haven't had a chance to try this concealer yet but i have been told that it is good for all skin types and lasts all day. This sounds perfect for me because i have combination skin so sometimes it's very greasy and sometimes it gets very dry. I also have little time to touch up in the day.

I decided to put in two options of bags because everyone has their own preferences. Personally i prefer backpacks because my bag generally starts to get exceedingly heavy near to the end of the day and i walk to school and back so i find it to be less heavy and not so much weight on one shoulder.
I also don't have the hassle of having to push it back on my shoulder every time it falls off. When choosing a new bag, i always tend to steer towards the plain bags because if my outfit is very classy or has a lot of colour or pattens, i don't want a crazy patterned bag destroying my look. In the past few years i have stopped going to Accessorize because their bags are such poorly made and have such a hefty price tag. The last bag i brought from there had the buckle the wrong way round and the material ripped almost straight away. For good, sturdy backpacks i would recommend Eastpak and American Apparel. I have completely fallen in love with this scalloped satchel! It's so simple yet so sophisticated. It has two handles and a front pocket so would be perfect as a school bag. Gold and Tan complement each other really nicely.

This is another basic. I find ankle socks so helpful and they are perfect for summer. I just feel like they are a must have and you can even get special sport ones that have 'breathing holes' or something jazzy like that.

Me and my best friend have a serious issue with people not brushing their hair when they go outside. I totally get it when you're going for the "i woke up like this" look but when the knot in your hair is as big as a fist...come on! You are asked to look acceptable at school and i think brushing your hair is the 1st step to that! I have never really had a problem with tangly hair but recently my hair started to get quite thin and when i brushed it lots of hair would rip out. I decided to ask for the Tangle Teazer for my birthday and now i understand why it is so amazing. It is quite an expensive item to buy but if your hair is incredibly tangly or very thin then i would recommend this. The one in the edit above is made for carrying around in your handbag so it had a little lid to stop the hairs from going all over your bag.

At least one day a week, my hair just won't do what i tell it. I try to plait it but it looks too tangly, i try to put it in a ponytail but it looks too sleek and then i try and do a half up-half down and my baby hairs are all over the place. Do you feel my pain, sister? My scrunchies are literally my life saviours. They take the attentions off the tangles and baby hairs and make the hairstyle look less sleek and perfect. You could even match your black velvet crop top with your black velvet scrunchie! I would always say choose a colour that will stand out. Black is always a good option but if you have ginger/strawberry blond hair try green, people with blonde hair try pink and red and people with very dark hair try purple and white.
Peace out Girl Scouts!

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