Sunday, 21 July 2013

How to Style Orange Lips

Wow, my 60th post already? Time flies when you are having fun!
I promise that soon i will be doing more different posts but for now just enjoy these.
Orange lips have become the total obsession this season. Hayley Williams has been rocking the orange look for a while now and she has recently brought out a range for Mac consisting of a nail polish, eye shadow, lip stick and skin finish. The lipstick is PURE orange, you can't get any brighter or more matte. For this post i thought i would do a "How to style.." because i haven't done one in a while and they are one of my favourite posts to read. 
I made these collages a while ago so i can't remember where some of the items are from but i will try my best.

The first look had to be casual. This outfit could easily be worn on a night out but since i don't go on many of them (i'm 12) i thought i would just call this outfit casual. These oversized number t-shirts have been a massive hate or love trend this year. I have only tried on one and the size was too big for me so i can't really say if i like them on me or not. I think they look amazing on most people and a lot of them are unisex as well! Because this Topshop top is sporty, the wedged trainers work well and because they are black they match the top. To add a little femininity to the outfit i paired the trainers with a pair of Topshop frilly socks. The lips are quite a neutral pinky orange which will compliment the Urban Outfitters karki jeans and skinny jeans match oversized t-shirts perfectly. This Zara bag is so practical; it is perfect for a casual handbag. Because the lips aren't major bright the face should look immaculate so the attention isn't on the spots and blemishes but on the lip colour and the outfit so this Collection 2000 concealer is perfect for hiding any inperfections. 

Most people probably wouldn't think that orange lips can be classy. I completely disagree, play your cards right and you will have the most amazing outfit ready for a summer wedding. For this look i wanted the skin to look completely polished so i have matched the subtle orange lipstick with the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder. Since the summer is coming no one wants to look paler then a ghost so you could either put a bit of light bronzer on or make your face look perfectly sculpted with the Accessorize shimmer block highlighter. Bloggers here, there and everywhere have been going nuts about this monochrome clutch from Zara, no wonder it has sold out. Oversized clutches are just right for summer weddings because they are feminine, practicable and so on trend. For the dress i chose a really simple, silk dress from Plumo. It also has a thin triangle slit at the back. I love this dress so much because it is so simple yet sophisticated!

Last but not least is (obviously) the boldest of the three. Its definitely festival season and makeup counters and clothes shops everywhere are bursting with colour. For me festivals are one of the only times of the year when you can get away with wearing just about anything. By the end of the day  at a festival peoples makeup is normally falling down their face so i included the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. I have heard that this is really gentle on the skin and it last for a long time and it's quick and easy to apply and you don't need a mirror. For foundation i chose Mac face and body because if your going to be having you legs and arms out then you might want to cover any blemishes. For the nails i thought a pastel yellow because it will really accent the denim shorts. I was over the moon when i found these shorts because they are the exact colour and shape i wanted and they are genuine Levi's. I found them on Peekaboo Vintage but you can probably find similar on Ebay. Because the shorts are high waisted i though the top should either be a crop top or a bralet. I chose this gorgeous cupped bralet from Topshop. I didn't want to chose a t-shirt or a top that you would tuck into the shorts because when you jump in the air and dance around with you arms up, it will just come out and you will have to keep pushing it back in -that's time consuming and not the most elegant thing. For the lashes...go hard or go home! Depending on the weather, you might not need the sunglasses but a tip i always use is to just keep them on your head because they keep baby hairs back and then if you need them they are really easy to get to. And finally the lip colour is the brightest orange i could find and it's a lip paint which means it is long lasting and you don't need a mirror to quickly reapply!

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