Thursday, 25 April 2013

Behind the Scenes of Blogging TAG

Hello my Beauties, 
Yesterday i was tagged by to lovely Caprice at Floral Vintage to do this tag. I hope you enjoy it!


1. You MUST state that this TAG was created by

2. You must use the image I have provided in this post on your post.

3. You must title this post 'Behind the Scenes of Blogging TAG' so everyone knows what it is about!

4. You must tag at least one other person, but there is not a maximum limit! -You will need to comment on their blog to let them know that they are tagged.

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6. You must answer all the questions


1. Do you plan for each/some of your blog posts, if so, how do you do this?
I don't normally have a plan. Because my blog is so relaxed and i never promise to post everyday or have a set timetable, it's really easy to just post when i have a good idea or something to talk about.

2. Do you have a blogging notebook/diary where you write and plan about things to do with your blog?
I have recently won a giveaway where i have won a gorgeous bag and a very cute notebook. I shall be using the notebook for blog ideas and taking it around everywhere i go because lately all my blog ideas have been scrawled on my hand.

3. Do you feel pressured to buy things so that you have something to review on your blog?
If i feel i have a lot to say about it and i really think i would use it then yes, but if i feel i won't use it then no.

4. Has the style of your posts/blog been influenced by someone else. If so, who?
Not really, because many writers are a different age to me i feel like we have a different styles of writing. 

5. What are your favourite posts to plan and write about?
Wish lists because i have an accuse to window shop online!

6. Do you think that your knowledge of makeup (and applying it) has improved because of blogging?
Defiantly! I have learnt so many more tricks and techniques. 

7. Do you test all products for a certain amount of time before you review them?
Yes, because then i feel like it is more fair because i might be trying the product on a day when my skin is really greasy or dry and then that will effect the turn out. 

8. Do you have any other websites for your blog? (e.g, twitter, youtube, bloglovin', or a facebook page etc.)
Twitter: @evie__elliott
Bloglovin': Evie Elliott (link on sidebar)
Instagram: evie__elliott
I do have tumblr but i am still trying to work everything out!

9. Do you feel the need to buy something you have wanted EVEN more when you see your favourite blogger talking about it?
Defiantly! If i was debating or having a hard time deciding on a product and my favourite blogger loved it then it would make it more easy.

10. Do you find taking pictures to be a chore, or not?
NO WAY! I love taking pictures!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring through my eyes #1

I decided to take a few snapshots of my cat and the ginger cat living next door. I also fell in love with these beautiful flowers, they look so elegant and like velvet! Most of the pictures are terrible but they make me feel like spring is finally here.

 Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

March/April Catch Up

Just a little catch up with the weirdnesses of my life (if that makes sense...). 
Hope you enjoy! 
What happens when i Skype my best bud/favourite nail polish/crazy day to go with the crazy faces/
first (and last) try of Lucky Charms/THE INBETWEENERS/my attempt at drawing a shell/
favourite chocolate EVER/lilac eyes and bold lips/shopping list/

Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to Style a: Cut Out Floral Dress

This outfit is basically hitting four birds with one stone (if that makes sense)! This outfit has 4 amazing trends: Floral, Monochrome, Neon, and Cut Out! 
I was drawn to this dress straight away because of its vintage look. I love the a-line cut and the vertical stripes. The flowers look a bit like a print on a vintage teacup.
I decided to go really simple with the shoes and accessories because the dress is really bold. For the shoes i chose a really simple T-bar heel and T-bar sandal. Because this dress is quite busy the shoes should just be really basic. Asos is my go to shop for shoes for a outfit because they have so much range of colours and patterns. 
My favourite neon colour is defonitaly yellow! It reminds me of yellow high-lighters. On the dress the flowers are neon yellow so i thought so should the bag and jewellery. This bracelet gives a nice summer vibe because of it's friendship bracelet look. 
I really love the way River Island purses close; they have a clip-top and the purse flips over. This is really plain and cute.  


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In My School Bag: Hair Accessories

Me (and my friends) take way too much to school in our bags, which makes them really heavy. So i have decided to start a series of posts called "In My School Bag" to help my readers to decide what they really need for school/work. 
Hair accessories are things that are so easy to forget but so easy to overload on. The hair accessories in my bag vary depending on my hairstyle. Manly in the summer i like to do my hair up so i will be needing more hair accessories for this time of year.

Compact Hair-Brush and Mirror: This is definitely one of the most important here. I use this all the time at school because my hair (some how) gets really tanged at the back. It is also a mirror which makes it really helpful because then i don't have to carry around a mirror as well. Mirrors are really helpful to me in the Summer because sometimes in the middle of the day i decide to put my hair up and i want a mirror to see any bumps or loose hair.

Small Elastics: I mostly use these for when i do small plaits or a fishtail plait and they snap so easily that i always need to have spares.

Headbands: I have a long fringe that sometimes doesn't like to do what it is told. Generally it is easy to hold it back with bobby pins. If is is a windy day then i am more likely to wear a headband to completely hold my hair back instead of leaving small strands.

Small Comb: For me this isn't very important because my parting (normally) stays in the same place. This will be more useful to people that get small tangles (unlike me).

Hair-Bands: I really don't need to say much about these except ALWAYS keep them in you bag or on your wrist because you never know when you (or your friends) will need one.

Bobby-Pins: Could not live without bobby-pins! Everyone needs them at some-point, either to pull back your fringe or to smooth a bump. You can even make your hair look more elegant or fun with a different colour bobby-pin.

Please let me know what posts you would like me to do!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Liebster Blog Award

I am really excited for todays post because i have been nominated for a award. I was tagged by the lovely writer of Modestly Sophisticated for a Liebster award. A Liebster award is similar to a tag because at the end of the post you have tag other people. I also love that this award is only for people with under 200 followers so it gives a chance for people to advertise other peoples blogs that have a small following. 

Rules if you are nominated for the Liebster Blog Award:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger (the one who nominated you)
3. Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated.
5. Inform the bloggers you chose.

11 Facts about me 

1. I like Pigeons and Unicorns

2.  I love old movies and music

3. I look up to my brother (physically and intellectually)

4. My favourite number is 57

5. I'm scared of Chickens and Turkeys

6. I HATE Turtle necks

7. I love foreign food

8. I want to live in New York when i am older

9. I am currently doing a nail polish ban because my nails are so thin that the nail polish just comes off straight away

10. I used to like Winter but now i don't

11. I believe everyone should be who they want to be, not what others want to see

Questions from Tagger

1. What is your holy grail makeup product?
-Revlon Lip Butter because my lips get really dry and the colours are AMAZING!

2. What celebrity inspires you the most?
-Fashion wise Little Mix - i just love all the Skater skirts, Tie-up tops, Ripped jeans, Crop tops, Studded shoes, Cute shorts and basically everything they wear. 
-Attitude wise Little Mix again - Most of their songs are about accepting who you are and never let anyone take away your pride. They are so friendly are always have a smile on their faces.  

3. What's your favorite 2013 trend?
-NEON! I have always been into really bright colours and this trend is just perfect for Spring/Summer. With this trend you can wear in in clothes, accessories, make-up and jewellery. It can even be a pair of socks!

4. What item/items of any sort can you not live without?
-Floral dresses and Vaseline - Floral dresses because they are just elegant and there are so many different types, colours and pattens! 
Vaseline because you can use it for anything and it totally works.

5. If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?
-Monkey because they are cuddly and have a whole bunch of friends!

6. Sun or moon?

7. Tim Burton or John Hughes films?
-Tim Burton (genius)

8. How would you describe your style?
-Winter/Autumn - Basic with a twist 
Spring/Summer - Bright and Floral

9. Favorite animation film?
-My Neighbour Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service

10. What's the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing?
Errrr................Literally have no idea.

11. Amusement or water park?

11 Questions for the People i Tag

1. Crop tops or Shell tops?

2. If you woke up tomorrow and you were the only person alive, what would be the first thing you would do?

3.Who is your inspiration?

4. Would you rather never wear Skirts or never wear Dresses and why?

5.You only have 10 minutes to do your hair and makeup what look do you go for and what products do you use?

6.What is always in your handbag?

7. Trees or Flowers?

8. What do you always forget when you leave the house?

9.Are your friends your family or are your family your friends?

10. Favourite un-known shop (basically a shop that not many people know about)

11. Would you rather have a Horse's mouth or a Camel's hump?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sugar& Vice

Hello Girlies,
Sugar& Vice is a really cute online jewellery shop. Most of their jewellery is made from acrylic. They are really similar to Tatty Devine but have a bit more humour and personality to the pieces. The prices are also much much smaller. I have chosen some of my favourite pieces and i will tell you why i like them and what i would wear them with. 

Gemstone NecklacePersonalised Snapshot Necklace
These pieces i chose are obviously statement necklaces. The first one is mutli-coloured and engraved acrylic necklace. I like that the gemstones are arranged in a sort of triangle. I would wear it wish a white blouse.
The next piece is a necklace you can personalise yourself. It is in a Poloroid picture shape and you just slide in the picture in that you want and taa-da, you are carrying around a memory. 

White Picket Fence NecklaceDead Fly Collar Clips
Personally i don't think i would wear the fence necklace because it's a bit crazy but i think it would look great on people with really out-there style. I would wear it with a blue top with a collar.
The next item is collar clip. These are the new style. You clip them on either side of your collar to make it a bit more fun. I would wear these because i think the flies look really cute and it would just liven up a plain top.

Art Deco Arrow NecklaceAztec Arrow Necklace
Both these necklaces bring the view down the bust because they are pointing down and are bold colours. I like that the first one is layered and the chain comes in the middle not either side of the triangle. I would wear this with a simple outfit because the necklace is layered so it looks complicated. I would stay away from wearing it with silver/glitter tops because the chain is silver and it has glitter on.
The other necklace is really summery and bright. I would wear this with a denim dress to make it brighter.

Storm Cloud EarringsGlitter Heart Stud Earrings
I don't wear really big earrings anymore because i feel that no-one can even see them and they look really clunky. I like odd earrings so when i saw the cloud earrings i really liked them. I would wear them with blue jeans and a white top. 
The heart earrings are really similar to Tatty Devine. I like that they are just simple hearts with a bit of glitter. I would wear them on Valentines day.

Teapot Hair SlidesTeapot Brooch
I have been a little obbsessed with cute bobby pins lately and these ones just caught my eye. I love that both of these items have the little white flower to make them more detailed. I would wear the hair pins with a yellow, floral dress 
I like to wear brooches on collars or on cardis to make them more fun. I like that this one is just really simple so is easy to match.

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Weekly Wishies #1

Just a small post to show you what i am loving this week. 
Leave me a little comment to tell me what posts you would like me to do. 
I am also totally up for doing a guest post on anyones blog or if anyone would like to do a guest post on my blog, just leave me a note.
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/

For this week most of these are just really simple items with a little detail to them. I am really excited about the jeans because i have never really patterned jeans because i have no idea what to wear them with. If you are having similar thoughts and are stuck in those tatty blue Primark jeans then venture out there with these acid effect jeans. The acid effect makes a look more rocky and fun. They are still keeping to the normal blue jeans look but are darker at the seams and light at the bottom. This year i think the biggest Spring look is folded up jeans. The weather in the U.K has been appalling so these are perfect. 
Next time i am out and have the money on me, i am going to buy this foundation. My Collection 2000 foundation has made my skin blotching, greasy and spotty. I have been told by so many people that the Wake Me Up Foundation is amazing. One of the worst parts of the wake me up foundation was that it was too thin and runny and didn't cover well enough. I prefer thicker foundation because they are easier to apply and even the skin tone.
 I never thought vests with thick straps looked nice on ANYONE because they make shoulders look broader, hips look wider, face look larger and belly look fatter. When the style of the shell top was created i immediately was a bit hesitant because they are basically vests. I then looked them up and read lots of blog posts about them and started seeing them more and more. They are different from normal vests because they are looser and don't show off anything that you don't want to show off. 
Because the summer is (nearly...) on it's way, i thought these bangles would be perfect for the time just before June/July. I don't wear as much jewellery in the summer because the weather is too hot and sticky and i would have to take it on and off all the time because i go swimming, cycling and running in Summer. Enough day-dreaming about Summer! 
I have been reading every ones posts about the much loved nail wraps. I find that they are really expensive for what they are. But i straight away fell in love with these because they are so classical and vintage. I think they would liven up any plain outfit. 

Bye Girlies! 

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Hello Beautiful People, 
I am super happy because my followers are leaving really nice comments and i have quite a lot of followers. Please remember to follow me on Bloglovin' as GFC is closing soon :( . 
This post is about my views on every aspect of my lipsticks, liners, glosses and crayons.

I was given the Marks and Spencer's Lip Shimmer in a pack of three over a year ago. They are more for people that like thick glosses as this has a gloopy thick texture. If you are wearing quite a dry lipstick then i would always recommend putting a clear gloss on top - i think this really helps the lipstick to stay on longer and give it a little shimmer. I don't own many glosses because i feel like they are either too glitzy or they look like something that you might get free inside a child's magazine.

The next two are both from Claire's. I was having a little window shop in there and i was looking in the sale bucket and i found a pack of three lip crayons. Two of them are very light and have a little shimmer to them and the other is very matte. I find that they are really dry and the light pink and the pinky nude make my lips look a bit dead. I bought these just as the Nicki Minaj lipstick came out in Mac. I decided not to buy that one because it was a little on the pricey side. I thought that the pink shade would be similar to that but instead it looks really tacky and cheap. It also looks quite wet so i thought it would also moisturise my lips, but actually it doesn't.

This lip crayon was the best in the pack of three because it is a vibrant fuchsia colour and is very matte. Sadly it accentuates the cracks and flakes on my lips and leaves them dry.

The next is probably my favourite, which is surprising as it is a gloss. Again it is a little thick but it is really easy to just slap on if you are in a rush. It has the intensity of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. The picture above isn't what it truly looks like, it is a lot darker. It also has a really nice scent to it - smells like chocolate and sweets! The applicator is different to normal gloss brushes in that it's flatter, smoother and wider. I like the way it makes my lips really smooth and gets rid of any dry skin and evens out the surface. Sometimes i just wear a tiny bit just to give my lips a glow and some colour. The only down side is it doesn't stay on for six hours as it says.
In the picture the Cherry Pop colour looks more on the orange side but it's not - it is just pure red. I bought it about a year and a half ago and it hasn't dried up at all. It makes my lips feel alive and fresh. Because i'm not allowed to wear makeup to school, i sometimes just take two or three dabs of this and smudge it in with clear gloss to give my lips more life.
Again this picture isn't accurate so the colour is a bit off. The real colour is a coral nude. Just hearing "coral nude" makes my eyes light up. This is one of my favourite things in my whole makeup collection and it was FREE. I got if free because i spent enough money on No7 products to get a makeup pouch, mascara, eyeshadow and this lipstick. It moisturises my lips even better then any lip balm and matches my outfits. Even the name makes me happy because it looks really similar to a Mulberry bag.
When i bought this i was looking for a really light shade of pink for the spring. The shade looked really bright and matte and i was also drawn to the fact it was part of the moisture shine section. It is the total opposite. It leaves my lips feeling drier then they were before. It has no shine to it and it feels like you are wiping a dried up art crayon on your lips.
I really like the packaging on the next one because it looks designer and really chic.The bar code is in the shape of lips which adds a little unique touch to the packaging. I wear this lipstick a lot because it matches all my makeup and all my clothes. The name is perfect because it is a fuchsia colour but also looks like a colour used in graffiti. The only disadvantage is that when you eat it loses the colour but some of the colour is still left on flakes of dry skin.
 This was a pure bargain at £2.59. I had never tried a lip liner before and never knew if they would work on me. I actually end up rubbing it into my whole lips and then (because it is so dry) using Vaseline on top. It's quite a simple pink so if you want to just give your lips a tiny bit of colour then this is good for you. 
This picture is a little off what it looks like. This was given to me by my mum because she didn't want it - it was too bright for her. It looks really dark in the stick but when you put it on it is a completely different shade. I find it really wet and makes my lips a bit sticky but that might be because it has been sitting in the sun. My mum liked it because it was moist and shiny and had a delicious berry taste.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me if you did. Also if you have tried any of these products then let me know what you thought. I am yet to find a perfect orange lip colour so be expecting a post on that soon.

Friday, 5 April 2013

What i think: Pink Ombre Hair

Hello my pretties,
The posts named "What i think:..." are going to be what i think about a new trend or a new company or anything that i feel you might be interested in.
As most of you will have seen, more and more people are going all out with the bright coloured hair. A lot of people are keeping it simple with just a blonde dip-dye. I really like the blonde dip-dye but personally think it suits people with dark hair more then it does for people with mousey blonde and light blonde because it makes their hair look a bit yellow or it has been bleached too much. Were as i think people with blonde hait suit pink dip-dye more then people with dark brown/black hair. You also might have noticed people like Lauren Conrad, Perrie Edwards, Katy Perry and Demi Lovato, the Olsens, Amelia Lily, Linsey Lohan and Feane Cotten rocking the look! I have taken these pictures from google images but have edited them myself. I have labeled all the distinctive parts of the look. They are all really easy to re-create and i think the pink ombre hair can be dressed up or down. Enjoy!

I hope this has help you working out a outfit for you if you have pink hair. Please tell me if there is any posts that you would like me to do.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Body Shop Haul

Hello Beautiful,
I have made a promise with one of my friends that i will not buy any clothes and accessories for a week in return for him not eating Mcdonalds. This is a haul from the body shop, i am really liking the body shop at the moment because all there products aren't tested on animals and then just really agree with my skin. I really like that the Body Shop has different sections like: strawberry or mango and they have that sent/flavour in all the different creams and washes. For this haul i brought a lot from there really basic Aloe Vera section which is or sensitive skin. I have mentioned before that my skin doesn't get along with many moisturisers and it has been really hard to find one. Because the weather (in London) has been appalling, my skin has become a tad dry.
Here is the whole haul, I hope you enjoy. I have only taken closer pictures of some of the products because i feel like they are just normal things.
The first item i brought was a large bottle of Shea shower cream. I already knew i liked this because i was given a little tub in a set for christmas. I know a lot of people rave about the body butters but i just don't get along with the beads and the thickness of it. The smell of this is amazing and it is so smooth and makes my skin super soft. The one i chose has a nice nutty and fresh smell.
Because i spent so much money in there i was given a free hand cream! I have used a lot of hand creams in my time but none have made my hands feel hydrated, fresh and like the smoothest things in the world. We had a chose between wild rose, almond and absinthe. The almond hand cream also helps nails so i we decided on that because my nails have become really weak and when i put nail varnish on it won't dry. 
 The next item was a a bit of a weird item. It is a facial wash which is for sensitive skin but it is a liquid.  There was a 3 for 2 deal on in the Body Shop so we decided that this facial wash might be good and help my skin. I haven't tried it yet and am a bit worried it might make my face greasy but i wanted to give it a try because i had never seen anything like it before. I took a quick look on the website and it says it is for wiping away dirt and makeup from your face, i am guessing this means that you put it on cotton wool and wipe it on your face. 
I am really drawn to the Body Shops makeup because they aren't tested on animals. I was thinking about the colours for a while and i couldn't decide! I finally agreed on two purple colours because i think purple really matches my eyes. I chose one darker shade called Grape Expectations (number 320) and a lighter shade in Mon Cherry (number 315). They are both really shimmery and would look nice with brown eyeliner and nude lips.
This shade is more plum coloured and would go around the lid.
 This shade is a lot more pink and would go on the whole lid. 
I then brought day and night cream. They are in the same section as the facial wash (sensitive skin section). The main reason i went in the shop was to find a moisturiser. All i have to say about these is that they totally simple, no alcohol, no scent. One is day cream and the other is night so they will be working their magic all the time.
I am really excited about the next item because i wanted a Kabuki brush for a while because i find that they can be used for so many pieces of makeup. If you read one of my last posts you will know that i brought a foundation and i am not very pleased with it, this may be because i am applying it with my hands.   
The packaging completely drew me to it. I love that it is so pink and girly and in the centre is a black part where the brush hairs are like velvet. It is amazingly soft!
 It has a little picture of a deer on the side which is made out of flowers, i think that is really cute and shows that the shop is animal friendly. It is also in the Leona Lewis range.
The last item i brought was a set of brushes. These brushes aren't made of animal fur! 
 I like that they are a set of four and it is written on the brush what they are for. These are also very very soft and the shape of them is perfect. They come in a pack of 4 in a black case that closes and has a small mirror. 
I hope this has help you to decided on anything. Please comment at tell me if you like this post and want me to do a review about any of the products. 
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