Monday, 8 April 2013

Weekly Wishies #1

Just a small post to show you what i am loving this week. 
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For this week most of these are just really simple items with a little detail to them. I am really excited about the jeans because i have never really patterned jeans because i have no idea what to wear them with. If you are having similar thoughts and are stuck in those tatty blue Primark jeans then venture out there with these acid effect jeans. The acid effect makes a look more rocky and fun. They are still keeping to the normal blue jeans look but are darker at the seams and light at the bottom. This year i think the biggest Spring look is folded up jeans. The weather in the U.K has been appalling so these are perfect. 
Next time i am out and have the money on me, i am going to buy this foundation. My Collection 2000 foundation has made my skin blotching, greasy and spotty. I have been told by so many people that the Wake Me Up Foundation is amazing. One of the worst parts of the wake me up foundation was that it was too thin and runny and didn't cover well enough. I prefer thicker foundation because they are easier to apply and even the skin tone.
 I never thought vests with thick straps looked nice on ANYONE because they make shoulders look broader, hips look wider, face look larger and belly look fatter. When the style of the shell top was created i immediately was a bit hesitant because they are basically vests. I then looked them up and read lots of blog posts about them and started seeing them more and more. They are different from normal vests because they are looser and don't show off anything that you don't want to show off. 
Because the summer is (nearly...) on it's way, i thought these bangles would be perfect for the time just before June/July. I don't wear as much jewellery in the summer because the weather is too hot and sticky and i would have to take it on and off all the time because i go swimming, cycling and running in Summer. Enough day-dreaming about Summer! 
I have been reading every ones posts about the much loved nail wraps. I find that they are really expensive for what they are. But i straight away fell in love with these because they are so classical and vintage. I think they would liven up any plain outfit. 

Bye Girlies! 

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