Thursday, 4 April 2013

Body Shop Haul

Hello Beautiful,
I have made a promise with one of my friends that i will not buy any clothes and accessories for a week in return for him not eating Mcdonalds. This is a haul from the body shop, i am really liking the body shop at the moment because all there products aren't tested on animals and then just really agree with my skin. I really like that the Body Shop has different sections like: strawberry or mango and they have that sent/flavour in all the different creams and washes. For this haul i brought a lot from there really basic Aloe Vera section which is or sensitive skin. I have mentioned before that my skin doesn't get along with many moisturisers and it has been really hard to find one. Because the weather (in London) has been appalling, my skin has become a tad dry.
Here is the whole haul, I hope you enjoy. I have only taken closer pictures of some of the products because i feel like they are just normal things.
The first item i brought was a large bottle of Shea shower cream. I already knew i liked this because i was given a little tub in a set for christmas. I know a lot of people rave about the body butters but i just don't get along with the beads and the thickness of it. The smell of this is amazing and it is so smooth and makes my skin super soft. The one i chose has a nice nutty and fresh smell.
Because i spent so much money in there i was given a free hand cream! I have used a lot of hand creams in my time but none have made my hands feel hydrated, fresh and like the smoothest things in the world. We had a chose between wild rose, almond and absinthe. The almond hand cream also helps nails so i we decided on that because my nails have become really weak and when i put nail varnish on it won't dry. 
 The next item was a a bit of a weird item. It is a facial wash which is for sensitive skin but it is a liquid.  There was a 3 for 2 deal on in the Body Shop so we decided that this facial wash might be good and help my skin. I haven't tried it yet and am a bit worried it might make my face greasy but i wanted to give it a try because i had never seen anything like it before. I took a quick look on the website and it says it is for wiping away dirt and makeup from your face, i am guessing this means that you put it on cotton wool and wipe it on your face. 
I am really drawn to the Body Shops makeup because they aren't tested on animals. I was thinking about the colours for a while and i couldn't decide! I finally agreed on two purple colours because i think purple really matches my eyes. I chose one darker shade called Grape Expectations (number 320) and a lighter shade in Mon Cherry (number 315). They are both really shimmery and would look nice with brown eyeliner and nude lips.
This shade is more plum coloured and would go around the lid.
 This shade is a lot more pink and would go on the whole lid. 
I then brought day and night cream. They are in the same section as the facial wash (sensitive skin section). The main reason i went in the shop was to find a moisturiser. All i have to say about these is that they totally simple, no alcohol, no scent. One is day cream and the other is night so they will be working their magic all the time.
I am really excited about the next item because i wanted a Kabuki brush for a while because i find that they can be used for so many pieces of makeup. If you read one of my last posts you will know that i brought a foundation and i am not very pleased with it, this may be because i am applying it with my hands.   
The packaging completely drew me to it. I love that it is so pink and girly and in the centre is a black part where the brush hairs are like velvet. It is amazingly soft!
 It has a little picture of a deer on the side which is made out of flowers, i think that is really cute and shows that the shop is animal friendly. It is also in the Leona Lewis range.
The last item i brought was a set of brushes. These brushes aren't made of animal fur! 
 I like that they are a set of four and it is written on the brush what they are for. These are also very very soft and the shape of them is perfect. They come in a pack of 4 in a black case that closes and has a small mirror. 
I hope this has help you to decided on anything. Please comment at tell me if you like this post and want me to do a review about any of the products. 


  1. Love the body shop brushes, they look great!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. I love the little make-up brush pouch! Great haul.

    Kathryn x


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