Monday, 1 April 2013

Camden Market Mini Haul

I went to Camden the other day with two of my good friends. I only had £10.00 because i wanted to limit myself and it was a spontaneus decision to go. Sadly, someone took my friends purse which contained £20.00. I would highly recommend using a bag that closes with a lock or a zip rather then putting your phone or purse in your pocket for when you are going to places like markets.  
I managed to stay under budget with a few pounds to spare.  
 I brought one item trom a stall and the other two are from shops.
 I don't own a foundation and never have, i wanted something cheap because i didn't want to waste my money on something that didn't work on me. Because i was so limited for price i didn't have much choice. My skin really doesn't agree with moisturisers and i am yet to find one that works.This foundation isn't a moisturiser but some how it makes my skin feel very very smooth. I don't think it acctually covers up very well but i have only used it twice. I think the shades are really good colours and would appeal to a wide range of skin colours. But  I was a little surprised that i had to go with shade 3 (which is the middle shade) because my skin colour isn't very dark and i would have thought i was a shade 2. So if you have really light skin i wouldn't recommend it as much.
 I don't really like the name biscuit because it makes me think of a cakey crumbly look.
I like that the pakaging it just plain and simple and it states exactly what it does and what it is. It is in a glass bottle which i was a bit put off by because it might fall over and smash everywhere or get chipped and i will cut myself everytime i pick it up but at the price of £3.99 i wasn't bothered. It says it is oil free and it totally is. It doesn't make my face feel dry or tired, it just makes me feel awake and not so pale. I get bad circles under my eyes even if i sleep for a long time, and this helps to really cover them up (with a bit of help from my concealer). I have a few spots on my forehead which aren't coloured but just stick out and it doesn't cover them up.
 The next item i brought was a pair of earrings. Laterly i have been really into changing my earrings but i don't really like that a lot of my earrings are big and colourful and i don't have many plain pairs. I wouldn't call this pair plain but i also wouldn't call them big and colourful. They are the Vivienne Westwood sign in blue and pink with diamantes around the ring and in the cener of the cross. At only £2.00 they were a real deal. I wasn't sure if i should buy them or not because i was scared that they might hurt my ears because they were cheap and may be made out of really bad material. They don't hurt my ears and aren't heavy at all.  
 They match so many of my outfits and i would love if they did them in black and gold.
 I have wanted just plain rings for a while now to wear in the middle of my fingers as well as the ends. I really like H&M's jewellery because it is really cheap and really nice. The only size they had was XS/S which i was a bit annoyed about but decided to buy them because the size M proably would have been too big for the middle of my fingers. I did get them stuck on my fingers on the first day i wore them because i was at a funfair and my hands were freezing so they went swollen! In the summer my fingers will shrink so i will be able to fit them more easily.
 I really like that they are really simple but a few are more complicated. And they were only £2.99 

 I hope you like my mini haul post and i will do some more next time i by anything.


  1. I use a nivea soft moisturiser (its in a white tub) have just bought my 3rd tub and i only had a sample before hand and i swear by it. I have dry skin around winter time and this is perfect i apply my foundation wake me up rimmel over the top and it gives me a flawless finish as well as keep my skin in tip top condition and keep my dry skin at bay. This foundation sounds great and so cheap i love a bargain.

    Kate - sparkle dust x

    1. Thank you so much for recommending that! That is now on my shopping list, i was thinking about buying a nivea moisturiser because they look so simple and my skin is very senseitive about moisturiser. I am also going to buy the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation next!x

  2. I love the rings! I need to buy them, in a really small size for midi rings!

    I've tagged you in the 'Influences of the Internet TAG!' If you could take a look and give it a go that would be amazing! Thank you :)

    Megan x

    1. Hiya Megan! The rings also come in a nice tatty gold if you sre interested. I read your tag post and thought it was amazing and looks really fun!I am going to try it out soon. x

    2. I too actually tagged you in the same tag! Haha, sorry!

      Nice post though, I'm not keen on foundation either but still I like the rings. Very simple and cute.

      Kathryn x

    3. This is amazing, i got tagged twice! Thanks :) xx


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