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Hello Beautiful People, 
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This post is about my views on every aspect of my lipsticks, liners, glosses and crayons.

I was given the Marks and Spencer's Lip Shimmer in a pack of three over a year ago. They are more for people that like thick glosses as this has a gloopy thick texture. If you are wearing quite a dry lipstick then i would always recommend putting a clear gloss on top - i think this really helps the lipstick to stay on longer and give it a little shimmer. I don't own many glosses because i feel like they are either too glitzy or they look like something that you might get free inside a child's magazine.

The next two are both from Claire's. I was having a little window shop in there and i was looking in the sale bucket and i found a pack of three lip crayons. Two of them are very light and have a little shimmer to them and the other is very matte. I find that they are really dry and the light pink and the pinky nude make my lips look a bit dead. I bought these just as the Nicki Minaj lipstick came out in Mac. I decided not to buy that one because it was a little on the pricey side. I thought that the pink shade would be similar to that but instead it looks really tacky and cheap. It also looks quite wet so i thought it would also moisturise my lips, but actually it doesn't.

This lip crayon was the best in the pack of three because it is a vibrant fuchsia colour and is very matte. Sadly it accentuates the cracks and flakes on my lips and leaves them dry.

The next is probably my favourite, which is surprising as it is a gloss. Again it is a little thick but it is really easy to just slap on if you are in a rush. It has the intensity of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. The picture above isn't what it truly looks like, it is a lot darker. It also has a really nice scent to it - smells like chocolate and sweets! The applicator is different to normal gloss brushes in that it's flatter, smoother and wider. I like the way it makes my lips really smooth and gets rid of any dry skin and evens out the surface. Sometimes i just wear a tiny bit just to give my lips a glow and some colour. The only down side is it doesn't stay on for six hours as it says.
In the picture the Cherry Pop colour looks more on the orange side but it's not - it is just pure red. I bought it about a year and a half ago and it hasn't dried up at all. It makes my lips feel alive and fresh. Because i'm not allowed to wear makeup to school, i sometimes just take two or three dabs of this and smudge it in with clear gloss to give my lips more life.
Again this picture isn't accurate so the colour is a bit off. The real colour is a coral nude. Just hearing "coral nude" makes my eyes light up. This is one of my favourite things in my whole makeup collection and it was FREE. I got if free because i spent enough money on No7 products to get a makeup pouch, mascara, eyeshadow and this lipstick. It moisturises my lips even better then any lip balm and matches my outfits. Even the name makes me happy because it looks really similar to a Mulberry bag.
When i bought this i was looking for a really light shade of pink for the spring. The shade looked really bright and matte and i was also drawn to the fact it was part of the moisture shine section. It is the total opposite. It leaves my lips feeling drier then they were before. It has no shine to it and it feels like you are wiping a dried up art crayon on your lips.
I really like the packaging on the next one because it looks designer and really chic.The bar code is in the shape of lips which adds a little unique touch to the packaging. I wear this lipstick a lot because it matches all my makeup and all my clothes. The name is perfect because it is a fuchsia colour but also looks like a colour used in graffiti. The only disadvantage is that when you eat it loses the colour but some of the colour is still left on flakes of dry skin.
 This was a pure bargain at £2.59. I had never tried a lip liner before and never knew if they would work on me. I actually end up rubbing it into my whole lips and then (because it is so dry) using Vaseline on top. It's quite a simple pink so if you want to just give your lips a tiny bit of colour then this is good for you. 
This picture is a little off what it looks like. This was given to me by my mum because she didn't want it - it was too bright for her. It looks really dark in the stick but when you put it on it is a completely different shade. I find it really wet and makes my lips a bit sticky but that might be because it has been sitting in the sun. My mum liked it because it was moist and shiny and had a delicious berry taste.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me if you did. Also if you have tried any of these products then let me know what you thought. I am yet to find a perfect orange lip colour so be expecting a post on that soon.


  1. Wow, the lip crayons from claire's have a great colour payoff!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. great post!


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