Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sugar& Vice

Hello Girlies,
Sugar& Vice is a really cute online jewellery shop. Most of their jewellery is made from acrylic. They are really similar to Tatty Devine but have a bit more humour and personality to the pieces. The prices are also much much smaller. I have chosen some of my favourite pieces and i will tell you why i like them and what i would wear them with. 

Gemstone NecklacePersonalised Snapshot Necklace
These pieces i chose are obviously statement necklaces. The first one is mutli-coloured and engraved acrylic necklace. I like that the gemstones are arranged in a sort of triangle. I would wear it wish a white blouse.
The next piece is a necklace you can personalise yourself. It is in a Poloroid picture shape and you just slide in the picture in that you want and taa-da, you are carrying around a memory. 

White Picket Fence NecklaceDead Fly Collar Clips
Personally i don't think i would wear the fence necklace because it's a bit crazy but i think it would look great on people with really out-there style. I would wear it with a blue top with a collar.
The next item is collar clip. These are the new style. You clip them on either side of your collar to make it a bit more fun. I would wear these because i think the flies look really cute and it would just liven up a plain top.

Art Deco Arrow NecklaceAztec Arrow Necklace
Both these necklaces bring the view down the bust because they are pointing down and are bold colours. I like that the first one is layered and the chain comes in the middle not either side of the triangle. I would wear this with a simple outfit because the necklace is layered so it looks complicated. I would stay away from wearing it with silver/glitter tops because the chain is silver and it has glitter on.
The other necklace is really summery and bright. I would wear this with a denim dress to make it brighter.

Storm Cloud EarringsGlitter Heart Stud Earrings
I don't wear really big earrings anymore because i feel that no-one can even see them and they look really clunky. I like odd earrings so when i saw the cloud earrings i really liked them. I would wear them with blue jeans and a white top. 
The heart earrings are really similar to Tatty Devine. I like that they are just simple hearts with a bit of glitter. I would wear them on Valentines day.

Teapot Hair SlidesTeapot Brooch
I have been a little obbsessed with cute bobby pins lately and these ones just caught my eye. I love that both of these items have the little white flower to make them more detailed. I would wear the hair pins with a yellow, floral dress 
I like to wear brooches on collars or on cardis to make them more fun. I like that this one is just really simple so is easy to match.

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