Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Asos Marketplace

While wrinting this post i am feeling very droopy and sad because i was a very dry cough and it is tickling my throat an lungs :(.
I sure most of you know about Asos and some of you may also know about the Asos Marketplace. 
Asos Marketplace is basically where little businesses or just people wanting to sell clothes, shoes and accessories. It is basically in between Ebay and Etsy because Etsy is more for businesses and new items and Ebay is more for people wanted to flog their unwanted things that are most likely used.
    A lot of items in the Asos Marketplace are vintage and some designer. I was very surprised to see that you can sell things from other shops like H&M! This really surprised me because you would have thought that they don't want to promote other shops. I have chosen a little find (not in a collage). I haven't had a proper look because i am trying to steer myself way from internet shopping!


These are spotty dotty dungarees! I really love dungarees but i'm not very sure if floppy, baggy dungarees would suit me. The only dungarees i own are light denim and i really love them. In the summer i am basically addicted to them because i can wear them with anything even a nice top and tights to a party. I really like these ones because they have space at the side so you can see a little of the top underneath. I also like that they flare out and the waist is tucked in. I had a little idea........what about wearing a luminous pink or orange jumper underneath!       
This is a view from the back. I like that is has a cross. That gives a real vintage effect. 

Tomorrow i may be bound to my bed (.........and laptop) and shall be listing a post on how to cook a little something something and maybe a few reviews as promised. 
Love Pineapples!


  1. I absolutely adore your dungarees! Super cute! I am your lucky 7th follower! Would you like to follow me back?

    1. i followed you! Your blog is amazing!


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