Monday, 25 March 2013

Boys: Henry Holland

This is my first post of the whole new arrangement and i am really excited for you to read it! Please please tell me what you think about it. This might not be your cup of tea but just try it out!
In posts titled Boys:........ i will be talking about a male designer or photographer or makeup artist or singer or just anyone i like.
For my first choice i decided on Henry Holland because his clothes are really quirky and show off peoples personality and make you look really bold. I think he is a really interesting man and he knows what he is doing. His clothes are basically exactly what i am liking at the moment. Henry is very famous for his bold logo t-shirts and his patterned tights. I don't really find his t-shirts that humorous and find them a bit try hard and rude. I don't think the tights are anything special and are a bit basic and are too expensive for what they are. I have chosen a few pieces from his collection. 

Image 1 of House of Holland Long Sleeve Blouse in Pom Pom SpotImage 1 of House of Holland Denim Jacket with Polka Dot Print
Polka Dot Denim ShortNeon Stripe SkirtTie Dye Denim Shorts
I am really liking silk shirts at the moment and think this one is gorgeous. Again it is polka dot but it has little monsters and faces on it and they are super cute. I haven't decided if denim jackets suit me but i think this would look great with a massive floral head piece and a white dip hem skirt. I have chosen one t-shirt because i wanted to show you what they look like. This is the only one that i would be seen out in but i wouldn't ever buy it. It has a huge logo in the corner and i'm sure it wouldeither too tight or baggy on me. I love every part of the forth picture except the shoes. The make-up is amazing!! You can't see it very clearly but you can see that the eyeshadow is a beautiful tanned and gold colour going up to the brow. I am going to DIY a jewelled beanie soon because i think they look nice and classy. Stripes and lace are in and they look amazing together. These shorts are the same material as the jacket. I love the cut-off effect too. The next two outfits are my favourite. The first one gave me a really good DIY idea to put bobble ribbons on the seams of a white shirt. I really like the diagonal stripes on the skirt and loving the orange. I love to wear shorts but don't know which suit me. I really love these because of the tatty effect and the pastel colours!

Please tell me if you like this post and want me to do more.


  1. I love Henry Holland and your blog is adorable!

    Followed you on Bloglovin', feel free to check out my new blog :)

    xx Bo
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    1. Thank you so much. The pictures on your blog are AMAZING!


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