Sunday, 3 March 2013

New News

This is going to be a tiny-weeny-itsy-bitsy post, 
I just wanted to say a ENORMOUS thank you to Jessa at Caked Designs.
She did a amazing job on my blog (as you can see) and all at a very VERY low price!
My posts are going to be a bit different from now on.
They are going to be more about fashion,photography and beauty and less about my boring life.
Some times i will do the odd post on just about anything random in my crazy little mind.
I am also going to do some DIY's and craft posts.
I will also do some reviews on my new or old things and will be showing you all of my new things.
I can currently saving all my money for trips to vintage shops because it is nearly Spring which means time for dresses, skirts, cute cardigans and little handbags. I am also going to be a jewellery and accessorie mad because it's the perfect weather for spiffing statement necklaces and small little silver bracelets.
I think i might go on a litte protest to get ModCloths to come to the U.K because there stuff is totally vintage and really......................just AMAZING!!!!!!!
I also want to start to look after my body more. So eating less chocolate fingers and more avocados. 
I am also going to get back into cycling and doing stretches everyday. In the Winter i never want to do anything because it's a time for eating and getting fat because you don't have to wear bikinis and you can hide your greasy/spotty or dry/crusty face under gorgeous infinity scarves/snoods.
I live in London and i don't really know of many vintage shops. Please could everyone email me some good shops.
I am also going to look after my skin more and am going to go to lush and spend a long long time in there and maybe try some testers!
I will be putting more and more pictures up of my new items i have brought and things i have reviewed and more pictures of fashion/beauty and the outside world because it's getting warmer i can go out without dying.
I will also go back to blonde which is a nice bright happy colour!
happy ever afters are real 

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