Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas: Date Day and Staying in with Friends♡

Well since tomorrow is the day dreaded for some and waited for by others, i thought i would show you a few quick and easy outfit ideas for which you don't have to buy anything new! Most of the items in these outfits most people will already own or if not then similar. They are also very basic outfits so just change anything that you don't like!
This look is for more of a casual date outfit that can be easily transformed into night with a clutch bag and dark purple lips. I have been obsessed with these types of dresses since i first saw them. I think they are so elegant and pretty but i was always sceptical about buying one because wearing a bra would completely ruin the dress. When i found this bralet in Victoria's Secret i was so pleased because it would look amazing with this dress. They are both lace material but the colours match so well that i think they would complement each other. I know in London at the moment you can't escape the rain and harsh wind so i paired the dress with a snuggly 'grandpa' cardi. I have so many of these cardigans now and if you don't have one i would recommend you buying one because i wear mine practically every day. They match everything! For the makeup and hair i wanted to keep it really flirty and feminine. No one whats to look really fake on valentines day but i really liked the idea of fluttery lashes with this outfit. These katy Perry ones are perfect because they aren't too full on but if you're like me and have no lashes, then they will give you that flirty flutter. Just to be in the spirit of valentines day i chose a red lip. I chose a lip lacquer instead of a lipstick so that it will stay all day and you won't have to worry about it smudging. Again i wanted the hair to be very flirty and feminine and theres no better way then curling your hair.

For Valentines day this year i am just having a few of my friends round and we are going to make red velvet cupcakes and have a very long gossip. Since it's just a few friends coming round i'm not coming to dress up in anything special but if you wanted to get in the festive mood this sweatshirt would be perfect. It's very casual so you could wear it to go shopping or just a girly day in like me. But the best thing about it is that you can wear it all year round! I found this phone case and fell in love. I have a serious thing for cute phones cases and i don't even have an iphone. It's like the kitties know you are all alone on Valentines day so are smiling especially for you...has this just got creepy? Instead of plain jeans i thought it would make a nice change to wear some sort of patterned jeans because the top is so basic. These ones even have little hearts on. My favourite part of this outfit has to be this bag. It's such a subtle pink that would look good with most outfits and it looks a bit metallic. I wear a really light pink lipgloss like this everyday because it looks so natural. I love this one because it reminds me of bubblegum and those heart-shaped, pink lollipops. I am well known for wearing my pyjama tops to school, I have no shame! I love this top from Forever 21 so much because it speaks the truth. I would tuck this into some mom jeans or just wear it as a long t-shirt dress with some knee socks. And who doesn't want a cute pair of fluffy slipper booties.

What are you wearing on Valentines day?xox

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