Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Surviving February Week 2: Friends♡

1. It's okay to get 'bored' of friends. It sounds like a horrible thing to say but sometimes if you spend so much time with your friends you start it get really bored of them and annoyed at everything they do. To avoid this try not to just spend all your time with one friend, try and even it out.

2. Don't gossip for the sake of gossiping or because everyone else is. You will end up saying something you regret or really hurting someones feelings. Try and change the subject like talking about what clubs you are going to that week or what you are doing on the weekend.

3. "Forgive and Forget not Revenge and Regret" If you are in an argument just remember all the good times you have had together and how many times they have been there for you. And i think hating or ignoring someone is so much effort and it doesn't help to resolve anything.

Whats your best friend advice?xox

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