Friday, 22 February 2013

Outfit for the day!

Hey Ho,
Im listening to Candy by Robbie Williams.
This is going to be a fashion post!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry that I took the picture in the mirror but it was the only way! 

Saturday 16th February: 
This top is from : Debenhams in the Henry Holland section. 
You can't see in this picture but it has small white spots and there are small swimmers swimming on it.
I really like this top because it's not too low cut and the collar is really nice. I also love the tie and the front because it shows a tiny bit of skin but not too much belly.
This top was on sale when I got it so it was £9 and I thought that was a really good deal since it's designer. I love Henry Holland because a lot of his stuff has animal print and flora print like dears and this like that.
The leggings are from: Gap! just plain and black! I always go to Gap for my plain leggings because they last ages. 

Here you can see the print better. I have never seen anything like it so I thought I would stand out.
Also sometimes top like this rub were the tie is or at the seams of the collar, but this was super duper comfy and you could wear it in any season with a jumper or by itself.
With this outfit I wore my multicolour leopard print vans (bit crazy).

I wasn't wearing these trousers. This is a old picture of when I first got them (that's why they look so clean).
I am a little obsessed with Henry Holland and I am in love with this pink jacket. Personally I think this model doesn't look nice with on and it should have been left undone. You can't really see but it is a really nice pale pink and has studs. It's pinkier (new word) then it looks in the picture.
I love these shoe as well because they are so crazy but they are really really really heavy.
Always be a bit crazy!!

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