Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kitty Cat

Hey hey,
I am listening to nothing because I am ill!  
As you can see this blog post is probably going to be about my cat but before I start I want to say my camera has broken so I need to get it fixed so if I do any videos they are going to be late.
 I got my cat about 3 years ago as a kitten.
he was originally called Pugsley from the Addams family.
He was in a litter and I have no idea how many were there. 
If we didn't take him he would have been left alone in the cat center.
We got him from the Cat Protection.

Here is him as a kitten!^
We changed his name to Gigi.
If you know Kiki's Delivery Service (a movie) you will know the little, black cat is call Gigi.

He is just a bit crazy^
One time me and my mum were clearing out a cupboard and there were dried mushrooms at the back (don't ask, I think they were a gift) and he just in the cupboard and started to eat them! 
I want to know the crazy things you, your pets, friends and family eat.

Have fun in everything you do! 

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