Monday, 18 February 2013

Trip to the streets.................

Hellllllloooooooo my friends,
I took a little trip to Oxford street/Tottenham Court road yesterday with a friend of my mum's that I have know since I was tiny so we are close.
Firstly we went to Primark!!!! Cause that's a happy place and it's exciting!!!!
After a encounter with a rude Primark worker at the changing rooms (she told me to take my things out my basket and then I put them on the table and started shouting "NO NO NOT ON THE TABLE"). Some people just don't have manners. After that Jo (my mum's friend) nearly wet herself because she was bursting for the loo. Then they made us pay 30p. 
We had some very nice lunch!!! It looks horrible but it was lovely! We both had chicken tikka masala.
I had to buy a pepsi because my mouth was dying. 
After that Jo brought some lovely tan boots and if you know her, you will know that she needs a matching bag as well and it can't be any old tan it has to be the exact tan on her boots. So you can probably guess we were on a wild goose chase for a bag. 
 We went in sooooooo many shops, but in the end we went to the other, older Primark and she found one for £8 instead of those horrible ones which were all nearly £40.
I brought things in Primark the first time but then I brought 2 more things that I had forgotten.
I will do a haul video soon.
I took a few pictures outside and in Selfidges. The Chanel shops and beauty stalls make me happy and I never want to leave.
All the pictures are terrible because they were taken on my Blackberry.
Here's the outside^
There were models standing outside^
More of them! They look cold^
They models and the designer^
Multi-colour Hunters^
MASSIVE SHOE I saw a little boy sliding in it. There was a Chanel massive show but my picture deleted^
Louboutins :'( ^ 

I hope you enjoyed my trip and I might do a haul video on You Tube later.
Have a nice life.

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