Sunday, 17 February 2013


Helllloooooooooooooo kitty kats,

This was me when I was ill. As you can see my room is a total mess and I am in P.J's and slacks.
My room is very brightly coloured even when there is mess everywhere.
In this picture you can see my onesie (the red thing to the right) 
my dressing gown (flower thing near my onesie) 
shoe pockets (under dressing gown) 
a blue comb (on the floor)
my moustache bag(near my foot) 
knitted hedgehog(to the right) 
clothes (on the floor
bin made out of newspaper(on the floor) 
a green bag (next to the bin)
my pink fairy lights (on the left) 
nail varnish collection (near fairy lights)
a basket of hair stuff (to the right on the floor) 

You probably don't care about any of that but some people might.

 I used to be a tidy person and yes I have an addiction to bracelets but I have too many.
I also think bean bags are amazing so my bean bag jumped into the picture.
And there is also my towel and P.J's on the bed (not that anyone cares) 
 kissings and huggings


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