Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hot Reads

Hey Crazy People,
I'm listening to Rita Ora's cover of Somebody That I Used To Know and Ben howard's cover of Call me Maybe.
Here are just a few of my favourite books.
I thought I would tell you about them........
Dunno what else to say except keep reading. Here goes nothing...................

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An insider's Guide to Careers in the Fashion Industry: I got this book for my birthday a few week ago and I absolutely love it. It has interviews with AMAZING people like Mario Testino!!!!! The book is split into sections: Photography, designing, editing, styling, modelling and make up. It helps you to see if thats the right job for you and what you need. I would recommend this to anyone even if you don't want a career in fashion but you just love the celebs or reading fashion.

The Summer I turned Pretty: I read this book in under 2 days and considering I'm a VERY slow reader, it has to take a great book to make me read that fast. It is basically about a girl that always goes to her friends for the holidays and she has grown up so now she is interested in a bit of romance.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire: This is the second in the Hunger games trilogy, I loved all of them. I prefer the first one but i can't find it........opps. But i still love this one. It basically takes the characters on a new challenge. I think that you do have to read the first one to understand this.

The Look: I love this book a lot mostly because it is basted on fashion but I also like it because it doesn't show how amazing modelling is and how brilliant it is to be a model, it shows that being a model is hard core and you have to really REALLY want it. I also love that the rims of the pages are pink!!!!

Little Mix Ready to Fly: This is the Little mix annual. I love these girls so much because they don't hide who they really are and I love that all there songs are about being you and not letting anyone destroy that and loving yourself. This annual shows lots and lots of backstage pictures and photo shoots and the girls have written about their lifes before, during and after The X-Factor.

Tom Daley My Story: This is basically about Tom's life, his training, school, competition and dealing with his fathers death. I managed to get my book signed!!! I went to Splash (the t.v show with Tom Daley on) and a very kind women took my book to him and she came back with it signed. I was also on t.v for about 3 seconds holding up a banner me and my bezzie made.

Call the Midwife: I am only a third through this book but I really love it. I am obsessed with the t.v show so I thought I should give it a go. Most of the book hasn't been included in the show so it's different if you are worried about it being the same. It's good also because it's about the past and it's true so you learn a lot. It was about £1.99 on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post about some of my favourite books.
Be yourself, Be Proud 


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