Monday, 6 May 2013

O.P.I Euro Centrale Minis Review

Hello again,
I was given this set a while ago but decided not to open it because lately nail polishes hasn't been drying on my nails and i have ended up wasting half the bottle. To celebrate me being accepted into a new school (my big news) i decided to treat my nails. This was my first experience of using O.P.I and it was defiantly a good one!

The quality was amazing! Every time i have painted my nails recently, the polish has gone gloopy and lumpy and hasn't dried which causes me to remove it straight away. After only one coat on i knew it had great quality, i used Barry M's basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener underneath which i thought would make it harder to paint but it went on perfectly. I also used the same polish for the topcoat.

I think the names are really adorable and make you smile because they are all a Euro inspired pun. The blue is called 'Can't find my Czechbook'. The pink is called 'Suzi's Hungary AGAIN'. The gold is called 'Oy-another Polish joke'. And the purple is called 'You're such a Budapest'.

It also includes a mini description of the colour.

After taking about a billion pictures i finally had to give up. This colour is a lot darker and has a green tint to it as you can see in the first picture. Out of all the colours this one went on the best, i only needed one coat but decided on two so it would stay longer. It isn't streaky or lumpy either. I really like that this is the only one in the set that doesn't have a sparkle to it and is just plain bold.

This colour is so unique because it is a really nice pinky shade but also has a corral tint to it and a little sparkle. Out of the set, this is the only one that went streaky, i had to put on a good 3 coats for it to have a full blast of colour and no streaks. this would match my navy party dress perfectly or even just a casual outfit of just jeans and a t-shirt.

This gold surprised me the most. I didn't no whether to expect it to be a glitter top coat or just a nail polish that looks good on it's own. It is definitely a polish that looks great on it's own. It has a really nice yellow look to it without it being too bright. You could leave it with only one coat but i decided i wanted it to last longer so i put another coat on. 

This was the easiest in the set to become gloopy. I had to use around 3 coats to make sure it was perfect. I really love this colour because it is a bold pastel lilac. i find that a lot of lilac nail polishes are really light but this one is more of a darker lilac.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post.

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