Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I would like to start off with a massive SORRY! I have been very very busy lately so haven't had time to blog. 
Not last Friday but the Friday before i found out that i had been ecepted into a school i have been waiting to go to for the whole of the school year. I went for a interview and they gave me a place. It all went so quickly and i was extatic! Since that Monday was a bank holiday i had one day left of my previous school. That day was full of tears, laughter, smiles and A LOT of cake. 
I started the new school on Tuesdays, luckily i was placed in a class with 3 of my best friends and my other 3 in the class next door. This has all been a big shock to the system because i have realist that i have dropped in subjects that i am passoinate about because of my old school. I am LOVING my new school and couldn't be happier! 
I have also moved house! I am living back in my old house now because before it was being completely rebuilt. It looks pretty empty because most of my things are lost in the mass of boxes in the front room or are still in storage.....somewhere. My room is starting to get really messy already but i think when i have shelves put up and a proper bed it will look better. 
Thats it really, i am planning posts for most days this week *fingers crossed* and please tell me any posts you would enjoy reading.

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